GINSENG, SIBERIAN — Eleutherococcus senticosus

eleuthero-300x239Family Araliaceae

Part used: Root, rarely leaves and stems.

Herbal action: Adaptogen, tonic, stimulant, protects the immune system.

Indications: Adaptogen, lipid lowering, multiple sclerosis (early stages), adrenal hypofunction, drug abuse, over-reactive in stress, excessive cortical hormones.

Medicinal uses: Eleutherococcus is referred to as “The King of Adaptogens,” because of all the known adaptogens, it best fulfills the classification. It appears to regulate the glands, especially the thyroid, working on both hyper- and hypo- conditions. It stabilizes stress and exhaustion, as well as mild blood sugar issues. You can almost see the stress leaving people when they take Eleuthero. We often mixes it with other adaptogen herbs, but especially with Rhodiola rosea (another Russian adaptogen).