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4th Annual International Calgary Fermentation Festival
November 14th – 21st, 2021
Live Interactive Online Event
Hosted by Denis Manzer & Malcolm Saunders
Featuring a menu of 14 probiotic presentations on a variety of fermentation topics from some of the top experts in the field

Develop the knowledge & skills to be able to confidently ferment a variety of your own food & beverages to keep you and your family healthy all year round.

This is your opportunity for a deep dive into the world of fermentation. Whether you are new or a true cultured expert, this festival offers learning and experiences for all.During this special edition, you will have access to 14 sessions on the topics of fermentation, how-to recipe creation, probiotic nutrition, microbiome research, and more!

Sessions include:

+ Learning a Variety of Very Specific Fermentation Recipes

+ Develop Essential Fermentation Skills & Techniques

+ Discover The Latest Research the Microbiome and Gut Health

+ Troubleshooting – Get Your Questions Answered from Leading Chefs and Experts                      

The Format:

These sessions are short and info-packed, offering exactly what you need to master a spectrum of Fermentation skills and concepts.

The sessions will run 2 per night starting on the hour from 7 – 9pm MST and will focus on an aspect of fermentation how-to and or microbiome health.
Each event is recorded if you are not able to join live and you will receive recordings as well as all pdf hand-outs that are yours to access and use forever after.
Who is presenting and what are the topics you ask…
Here is this years’ schedule:

Sunday November 14th

Malcolm & Denis, Calgary Fermentation Festival Founders: “Fun”damentals of Fermentation”

Chef Ken Fornatero, Cultures Group,  “Ferments & Culture: A Global Perspective”

Monday November 15th

Azure Walker, Sunnycider Cider House: “Jun: Crafting Kombucha w/ Honey” 

Luka Symons C.H.N.C., Good Food + You : “Water Kefir: The Queen of Ferments” 

Tuesday November 16th 

Megan Barefoot C.H.N.C., No Shoes Nutrition: “Gut & Physiology Syndrome”

Dr. Melina Roberts N.D., Advanced Naturopathic Clinic: “Psychobiotics: The Microbiome, Brain Health and Mental Health”

Wednesday November 17th

Derek Fleming, New Earth Organics:  “Yogurt & Cultured Colostrum”

Dawn Kay , Early Dawn Farm : “Introduction To Cheese Making” 

Thursday November 18th

Margot Loveseth, Heyday Fermentables: “Kimchi Traditions: Make Your Own At Home”

Malcolm Saunders, Light Cellar,  “Chocolate: the Role Fermentation Plays in Your Favourite Food”

Friday November 19th 

Mike from The Establishment Brewing Co. : “The Sour Beer Renaissance” 

Denis Manzer, Ferment Your Food: “The Hunt For Wild Yeast”

Saturday November 20th 

Keynote Speaker,  Kirstin Shockey,  Ferment Works:  “Working with Koji”

Panel Discussion hosted by Malcolm Saunders & Denis Manzer with Feature Experts

Here are just some of the comments from folks exactly like you about the Festival:
“The festival was WONDERFUL! You did an amazing job! I loved the format. Two hours each evening was perfect and the tie-ins of the first and second event each evening was great.” – Liane Paulson, Virginia, USA
“Thank you for putting on the best information festival ever! I enjoyed every minute of it and have learned so much. I hope to improve my health as a result. I look forward to next year’s Festival already.” – Elizabeth Stokie, Fernie, BC
“I can’t thank you enough for putting this on, and for making it virtual so that I could attend from the opposite side of the continent. I learned so much and drew so much inspiration.” – Lorien Green, New England, USA
“Thank you so much for organizing this excellent event! I would say this online format actually had some advantages – it was nice to be able to attend all the workshops rather than having to choose, and it was really nice to have it spaced out over several nights rather than all crammed into a day or two. I’m not a huge fan of online versus in-person normally, but in this case I think it worked really well. It was a pleasure to tune in every night (well, almost) to learn and just be part of an interesting community of local (and non-local) folk!” – Jackie Skrypnek, Cochrane, AB
Be sure to register now, before October 1st to take advantage of the special early bird pricing. There is also a discount available for Wild Rose College students for $20 off. You can find it in the Herbal Village.


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