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Sunday, September 12th at 1pm MT in Waskatenau, Alberta

“Wild Yarrow Herbal Medicine Clinic & Poppy Wynn Flower Company are partnering to bring you this brand new event! 🌿

Educational Herb Walk & Fresh Flower Pick

Picture yourself strolling through a beautiful field FULL of fresh flowers, notebook in hand, casually stopping along the way to learn about each flower’s incredible herbal & medicinal healing properties…

If this sounds heavenly to you, then you will LOVE this workshop!

Come meet 8 medicinal flowers that not only are gorgeous on the outside, but are healing on the inside!

In this super hands-on workshop, you’ll get to:

🌿 Learn about the potent medicinal properties of 6 beautiful flowers with your herbal guide Bree Nabholz, Registered Herbalist (you may be familiar with these flowers, but some of their healing actions may surprise you!)

🌿 Get your hands dirty! You’ll be able to feel the texture of the leaves and smell the unique scents of each flower as you learn about them

🌿 Bonus (Included) – Pick your very own bouquet of freshly cut flowers, grown organically & sustainably on the farm to take home with you! Enjoy the bright colors and fresh scent of beautiful flowers for days after your heads and hearts are full from your time on the farm with us 😉

Bring your notebooks- We’re going to teach you how Nettle, Calendula, Echinacea, Wormwood, Yarrow, Marshmallow and St. John’s Wort are powerful healing plants & why you want them in your herbal apothecary at home…you’re going to want to write this incredible knowledge down!

Don’t forget the mystery plant! Hint: This flower is a little magical, and has been used to increase the potency of dreams…

If you’re craving some nature time & want to connect with the potent medicine nature provides, all while being surrounded by beautiful blooms… Join us!”

To find out more and to buy your tickets, check out the event listing here.


September 12
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Poppy Wynn Flower Co
Waskatenau, Alberta Canada


Wild Yarrow Herbal Medicine Clinic & Dispensary