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September 23, 2021 from 11-2 pm PST

“Do you want to make your herbal practice, school or conference more welcoming to trans clients and participants? Does the recently increased visibility of trans people leave you feeling confused? Would you just enjoy listening to two gay jews talk about gender for three hours? Come to a workshop that will answer some of your questions, challenge some of your thinking, and leave you equipped to better support some of the trans people in your community.

In this workshop, we’ll spend time:

  • Understanding, exposing and dismantling transphobia
  • Basking in the infinite possibilities of gender expression and identity
  • Discussing the ways trans patients are harmed in health care contexts
  • Demystifying care for trans folks
  • Getting into the nuts and bolts of making your practice, school or writing more gender-expansive, accurately reflecting our range of genders and bodies
  • Sharing practical ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’ for practitioners

If you are an anxious-pants and want a workshop that will be clear and accessible, this will be a safe and helpful place to start! And if you’re leery of “inclusion-based” models for justice, this is the workshop for you — we will go beyond talking about inclusion, to arrive at what equity and justice can mean for people of all genders in a holistic health context. This workshop is open to all holistic health practitioners, but especially herbalists. Gender-affirmation is for everyone!

Resources will be emailed out before class to all participants

The class recording will be available to all participants after class for a limited time

Price is $120 CAD / $100 USD with limited discounts available up to 75% off that you can choose when registering.”

For more information and to purchase tickets, see the Wild Current Herbalism event listing here.


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