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Class 1 – Stress: why this is about learning how to Tame the Inflammation Dragon.

Watch February 6, 11 am PST

  • understand the role stress plays in the body
  • why stress is synonymous with low-grade inflammation
  • understanding the biochemistry of low-grade chronic inflammation in the body
  • learning which organs are deeply impacted in the picture of stress + inflammation
  • start thinking of practical pieces to put in place to support your body through stress + start taming that inflammation dragon

Recipes: Coconut Chocolate Fudge with a Surprise & Tom Kha Gai

Class 2 – The biggest contributor to your body’s stress load: you might be surprised.

Watch February 13, 11 am PST

  • deep dive into understanding what processes in the body could be contributing to your body’s stress load
  • understand what is ground zero for inflammation
  • the role incomplete digestion plays in this picture
  • practical pointers and foods to support revving up all of these functions to help lessen the body’s
    stress load

Recipes: Meat Stock, 5 Easy Veg Side Dishes

Class 3 – Why metabolic health and balance is the key to supporting you through stress.

Watch February 20, 11 am PST

  • understanding the trifecta of low-grade inflammation, blood sugar imbalances and hormonal imbalances
  • the impact these imbalances can have, and how they stoke the fires of inflammation
  • diving into the role protein, fats and carbohydrates have in metabolic balance
  • practical pointers to start you on the road to metabolic health

Recipes: Golden Milky Tea, Weekend Breakfast Frittata

Class 4 – Live Demo + Q&A The absolute best food to help build resiliency for stress and inflammation: LIVER!

Watch Live February 27, 11 am PST

  • the forgotten food: today’s demo is on a Traditional Food our ancestors ate on a regular basis
  • understanding the deep nutrition of organ meats
  • how to source organ meats
  • learn how to prepare your own liver pâté, and how to consume it

Recipe: Coconut Apple Chicken Liver Pâté

lukaLuka Symons is a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner for people who are wondering where their food + body groove has disappeared to. Through her uplifting & informative workshops, talks and one-on-one consults, she’s here to shake up your approach to food and your gorgeous self — while making it all feel like a walk in the park. As a former radio host and child #3 of 4, she isn’t known for being quiet nor shy. When she’s not being all nutrition-y, you can find her daydreaming of driving her red scooter with a milk crate full of books on the back with her two favourites in tow (husband & daughter), on the hunt for the best cup of joe on the planet. Luka works one-on-one with clients via private consultation and runs classes around her adopted hometown of Calgary. Check out both the live and online classes to see what might best suit you! Find out more about Luka here


February 6 @ 11:00 am
February 27 @ 12:00 pm
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