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Curious about microdosing for mental health?

Join us in the Wild Rose Herbal Village for a 4-part intensive on microdosing from a herbalist’s perspective, with a mycophile’s curious mind. Read on for full details of each class…

About the Microdosing for Mental Health Herbal Intensive

Class #1 Sunday November 8th, 11 am – Introduction to Psilocybin & Mental Health

Curious about the role psychedelics can play in supporting mental health? Join Medical Herbalist Megan Waddy for the first class in this microdosing series for an introduction to psilocybin mushrooms & mental health. 

Megan will chat with Psychiatrist Dr. Crosbie Watler about the future of Western psychiatry and talk us through the healing benefits and differences between microdosing and entheogenic doses of psilocybin as well as discussing the mechanisms of action and spirit of the mushroom. Megan will also talk about the safety index and contraindications for this powerful psychoactive mushroom. 

Class # 2 Sunday November 15th, 11 am – Microdosing 101

This class is brought to you by the amazing team at Neuro Growth; they will give you the lowdown on all things microdosing including personal testimonies and help you navigate the waters of dosage and specific protocols as well as talk you through what to expect when you microdose with psilocybin. This is a must-watch for those interested in starting a microdosing protocol!

Class #3 Sunday November 22, 11 am – Getting More from Microdosing 

The team at Neuro Growth returns for our third class that looks at how to get the most out of microdosing by using supporting herbs as well as how to use microdosing to increase compliance with other modalities such as nutrition and mediation. They will also discuss the connection between gut health and microdosing and provide some yummy ways to take your microdose with some chocolate and elixir recipes and much more!

Class #4 Sunday November 29, 10:30am – 12:00pm – Live Panel Discussion 

Join our live panel for the final class for this intensive as they discuss their own experiences of working with psilocybin and the healing potential of this prohibited plant medicine. 

Meet Our Instructors

Megan Waddy 

MeganWaddyMegan is a medical herbalist and mental health and addictions case manager with a passion for plant medicine, dream work, the stars, indigenous allyship and reconciliation.  Megan obtained a bachelor of science in biopsychology from the University of Victoria, a medical herbalist diploma) from Pacific Rim College, has taken masters level counselling courses and completed an alchemical herbalism program that integrates the practices of alchemy, spagyrics, medical astrology, traditional western herbalism, Ayurveda and indigenous traditions.  Although her formal education has provided a solid foundation for her practice, her most valuable education stems from studying with Earth based healers, where she witnessed the deep relationship between plants and people, experienced the healing power of nature and learnt directly from the plants. 

Megan has a strong calling towards working in the field of mental health. Megan also works as a mental health case manager and has 11 years experience in the field of mental health and addictions. She has special interest in working with individuals experiencing spiritual emergencies and first break psychosis. Here, she utilizes a trauma informed, psychospiritual model of healing and therapies ranging from counselling to drum journeying, meditation, energy work, nature immersion and plant medicines.  Megan’s intention is to integrate modern medicine and traditional herbal psychospiritual practices to assist individuals on their healing journey towards health and wholeness of being.

Jeff McKay 

Jeff-McKayJeff is a superfoods advocate with a special passion for the medicinal properties of mushrooms. If you have tuned into our Neuro Growth YouTube channel, you will recognize him as the friendly face helping the world through our videos. You can often find him advising clients on superfoods and natural healing modalities, teaching classes, gardening, playing hockey and walking through the trees looking for wild mushroom varieties.


Derek Fleming

Derek-FlemingDerek is our Master Herbalist, providing expert advice to the Neuro Growth team. Honouring the intelligence of nature led Derek to become an entrepreneur and purveyor of some of the finest earth offerings available in North America. He has focused his work on implementing ancient herbalism to meet modern needs. Derek loves mushroom hunting and wildcrafting, culinary wizardry, sourdough baking and oolong tea.


Andrea Fleck

Andrea-FleckYou can often find this supermom in the kitchen, crafting medicinal lattes (we call them elixirs), making chocolate and fermenting foods. Her passion is studying and combining herbs and mushrooms in delicious ways to create powerful, therapeutic superfood synergies to reduce stress, enhance gut health, and balance the bodies’ systems. She loves writing, travelling the world, cycling, hiking, camping and scouting out natural hot springs.


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~Botanical Blessings


The content on this website is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a  physician or healthcare provider.

It is illegal in Canada and in the majority of countries in the world to buy, possess and grow psilocybin mushrooms: this includes for the purpose of microdosing. It is crucial to check local laws, as the penalties for the possession of psilocybin mushrooms are still harsh in many countries. In Canada, possession and manufacture are punishable with prison terms per the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Microdosing and ingesting psilocybin has not been evaluated by Health Canada and/or the Food and Drug Administration as a way to treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition, including but not limited to depression and anxiety


November 8, 2020 @ 11:00 am
November 29, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
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