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Wild Plant Walk – Summer Berry Blast with Julie Walker of Full Circle Adventures

Thursday, August 5th from 7:00 – 9:00pm

“Take a trip through time in southern Alberta’s landscape. In the right Eco-region of southern Alberta, you can find a pretty big variety of edible berries. Timing is everything for eating a good, ripe berry in the  prime of its season. The berries that flower first, ripen first. Which berries flower last? They also ripen last.

What are some of the best ways to enjoy berries and preserve them historically? Are you taking away food from the Bears or Birds when I forage for berries? Are you safe foraging berries in the Foothills and Mountains? What do you need to know to safely forage for berries?

About your guide:

Julie Walker is the creative behind Full Circle Adventures which has been connecting people to nature for over 20 years. Their wild, edible plant walks offer you a window into the intelligence of nature. Julie brings a deep caring and many years of experience with the hope to inspire a deeper connection between you and the eco-regions you share and love, through natures wild edibles.”

Find out more here: https://lightcellar.ca/collections/in-person-classes-events/products/wild-plant-walk-summer-berry-blast-with-julie-walker-august-5th