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    Fellow herbalists,

    While I’m new to the college, I am passionate about learning and am not afraid to explore the riches that God has hidden within the plant kingdom. While many of us are familiar with the historical usage of herbs, there is still much that we do not know or understand. And great discoveries are still possible. For example, a herb which might have been previously known for being nothing more than a stimulant carminiative is now found to be just as effective as nitroglycerin for treating angina pectoris, but without the unwanted side effects. To this end, I would like to see a forum where people can openly share their stories about medicinal herbs, nutrition, water, etc.

    Now before I continue, I’d like to draw your attention to this quote from Pliny,

    “THE more highly esteemed plants of which I am now about to speak, and which are produced by the earth for medicinal purposes solely, inspire me with admiration of the industry and laborious research displayed by the ancients. Indeed there is nothing that they have not tested by experiment or left untried; no discovery of theirs which they have not disclosed, or which they have not been desirous to leave for the benefit of posterity. We, on the contrary, at the present day, make it our object to conceal and suppress the results of our labours, and to defraud our fellow-men of blessings even which have been purchased by others. For true it is, beyond all doubt, that those who have gained any trifling accession of knowledge, keep it to themselves, and envy the enjoyment of it by others; to leave mankind uninstructed…”

    The sad truth is that the above statement could have been written yesterday. Now in the interests of ‘breaking the ice’ with you, I wish to offer my own story: a woman with asthma came to me because she didn’t want to continue with the conventional drug treatment that her doctor had prescribed for her – which was cortiosteriods – a very effective treatment for bronchial inflammation but with some scary side effects. As I had some Lobelia tincture in the basement, I offered it to her. To my own surprise, she experienced significant relief and was able to throw those harmful drugs in the garbage. Later, after she had used up the bottle she asked for another, but I didn’t have any because the few seeds I had planted did not survive. Anyway, to my further surprise she remained symptom free even months after using up what I had given her. When I recommended an alternative supplier, she politely refused saying that what I had given her was much more potent than anything she had purchased from the store. She wanted mine. Anyway, I can’t take any real credit for the cure, as I did not make the plant, but I was happy to have made my little contribution. As a Christian I believe that (Ecclesiasticus 38:2) “all healing is from God”. And God’s Will overrides EVERYTHING.

    A little word of advice: if you truly want to help people and become successful at it, expect to be persecuted … just like Dr. Samuel Thompson, Rene Cassie or Dr. Nowicky – to name a few. The mediocrities will come after you seeking revenge for their gashed egos and lost sales.

    Yours affectionately,

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    Scenario 1: A person with a severe allergy to peanuts has cleaned up their house of any contaminants. While on a camping trip the person goes on a long hike with friends but forgets to bring his epi-pen. A few hours into the hike, they sit down for bite to eat and one of the hikers unknowingly offers the man a desert with peanuts in it. The man begins to have an anaphylactic reaction. What do you do? Nearby are some herbs which might might save his life.

    You need a plant that will stop histamine production and break down what has already been released. What four herbs would you like to have around you?

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    Elderberry, stinging nettle and jewelweed

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