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In our Herbal eBook you’ll discover:

  • Which Plants contain the most Powerful Medicines
  • Where to find these Medicinal Herbs in your area
  • Basic Botany and Plant Identification skills
  • Best Practices for Harvesting and Drying Herbs
  • How Medicinal Herbs can be used in your daily life
  • A Full Breakdown on over 40 herbs: Name, ID, Distribution, Preparation, Benefits and Cautions

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What You Will Get Out Of This Book:

Out of all the areas in the world, North America has some of the most bountiful greenery around. In order to fully appreciate and utilize our stunning surroundings, we’ve put together an eBook of over 40 of the most common medicinal herbs to be found in both urban areas and wild lands around North America.

This E-Book will give you both knowledge and appreciation for our environment. As well, it can offer you insight into the diverse and fascinating world of herbalism. Whether you’re interested in what nature can offer, or you’re looking for a practical guide to get you started on your herbalist journey, this is the book for you!