Candida Diet

This program has been very successful in combatting Candida (yeast) colonization. The program should be followed for 3-9 months, unless otherwise advised by a health practitioner. This program has to be adhered to more strictly than most, as ‘cheating’ will only create a stronger strain of Candida in your body.

There are three basic components to the program:

1. Eliminating the foods Candida yeast live on. This is the most difficult, yet most important part.
2. Inhibiting Candida with specific vitamins and destroying them with homeopathic remedies.
3. Strengthening the body so that Candida will not return.

Food and Drinks to be avoided

> All flour products (for 1 – 2 months)
> All dairy products (for 1 – 2 months; butter is alright)
> Any flour product with yeast (entire length of the program)
> Any curded or fermented dairy (after 1 1/2 months, yogurt may be eaten)
> All yeast or yeast-containing foods
> No peanuts, grapes, oranges, mushrooms, tropical fruits or melons
> No wine, beer, or vinegar (including sauces with vinegar; after 2 months vinegar can be resumed)
> No soy sauce, miso, tofu (after 1 1/2 months, these are acceptable)
> No sugar or sweetening agents of any type
> No dried fruit
> No tea (herbal teas, including green tea, are alright)
> Only one piece of fruit daily, two cups of coffee (max.), two ounces of distilled alcohol (gin, vodka, scotch, cognac, tequila) a week (if desired)

Good Foods

At first this might appear to leave very little to eat. Much of this feeling is due to cravings which you have had all along. On this program you can eat the following good foods:

> All the vegetables desired (except mushrooms)
> Meat (if desired; chicken and fish are best)
> Grains (flours of the grain are not acceptable, but the whole grains themselves are)
> Beans (not more than four times a week)
> Some fruit (apples, peaches, pears, plums, and berries; no more than the mass of an average sized apple daily)


Homeopathic Candida 30X (5-10 drops, four times daily)
BEVC (2 tablets, twice daily)
Di-Gest (1-3 capsules with each meal)

After 1 1/2 months, add Acidophilus Plus (2 capsules, twice daily).

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