Complex Carbohydrate Diet

This is an all around good diet for a healthy, active lifestyle. It is specific for people who have an issue with sugar, as found in Hypoglycemia, Diabetes and Syndrome X. Please refer to those sections for more detail on supplementation.

> No sugar, honey, maple syrup or sweetening agent of any type
> No baked goods – only two slices of bread daily
> No dried fruit – unless soaked overnight and stewed
> All fruit juice diluted (50% with distilled water preferred)
> No food with preservatives
> Little salt
> No alcohol
> Low intake of black tea (maximum of two cups daily)
> Low intake of coffee (maximum of two cups daily)
> Low intake of bananas, potatoes or pasta

Fruit juice or a piece of fresh fruit 1/2 hour before breakfast (optional)

Breakfast: Grain (quality as in numbered order)

1. millet
2. buckwheat
3. rye or rice
4. cornmeal
5. seven grain cereal
6. other grains

All of these are prepared like rice and eaten on the savory side. A tasty suggestion is to add engevita yeast and Vegetable Seasoning plus some butter or oil.

Morning Snack (mandatory): Vegetable sticks, nuts, fruit, yogurt, buttermilk or cottage cheese, and 500 mg Vitamin C.

Lunch: The main part of the meal should be a green salad; soup, a sandwich or a vegetable dish can also be eaten.

Afternoon Snack (mandatory): Same as morning.

Supper: The major part of the meal should be a variety of cooked vegetables. A casserole, grains and/or meat can be added if desired. The addition of a salad is desirable.

Evening Snack (mandatory): Same as morning.

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