Breaking a Fast

A fast should be broken slowly! It should take half as long to break the fast as the length of the fast (e.g. five days for a ten day fast). This is a lot harder than it sounds. I would have to say that I have watched many people break a fast inappropriately. Once you start eating, it is hard to stop. I find that one of the best ‘tricks’ is to break the fast later in the evening with fruit, preferably melons, on the last day of the fast. This way you can go to sleep and not eat (fast) until the next day’s breakfast.

Fasts longer than three days are often hard to break, as you sometimes don’t want to stop the fast. After about 3 or 4 days you get almost a euphoric feeling that is so good you don’t want to interrupt it with food. We often have to convince a person to stop after ten days, as they feel they can go on ‘forever’. Remember the longer the fast the slower the reintroduction of food.

Breaking a Fast of Four Days or Less

Day One: Eat melons; if unavailable, other juicy fruit, small portions only.

Day Two: Fruit for breakfast; raw vegetable salads for the rest of the day, stay with small portions.

Day Three: At least three days of the Inner Cleanse diet at normal portions.

Breaking a Fast of Five Days and More

Day One: Eat a small portion of melon for breakfast. Drink diluted apple, grape or orange juice during the day and a small portion of melon for dinner.

Day Two: Eat three fruit meals (small portions); drink fruit juice.

Day Three: Fruit for breakfast; raw vegetable salad for the rest of the day. Drink vegetable juice near vegetable meals, and fruit juice near fruit meals.

Day Four: Start on the Inner Cleanse diet and remember that it takes half as long as your fast to get back to normal portions.

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