Rate Your Health with Questionnaires!

Your state of health affects all areas of your life, so it makes good sense to pay attention to it, the same way you pay attention to the state of your finances.

These questionnaires can give you a glimpse into your current state of health, even areas that you may not be aware of.

Simply click on the questionnaire you are most interested in and follow the instructions! Take one or more of the health questionnaires, and if you don’t like your score it may be time to book a consultation with a qualified health care practitioner and get your health back on track.

We recommend that you revisit these questionnaires at least once a year or more frequently as a way to track your progress when undertaking a focused health improvement program.

These questionnaires are automated versions of those used at the Wild Rose Wholistic Clinic. They are general questionnaires, and are intended to be used as a supplemental guide to the advice of a qualified health care practitioner.

The questionnaires on this website in no way diagnose any health condition. The questionnaires are to be used for educational purposes only.