Blood Sugar Questionnaire

Enter a number after the symptoms listed below ranging from 0 to 3. Zero (0) represents symptom “not present”. Three indicates that the symptom is present in a severe form.





Abnormal craving for sweets
Afternoon headaches
Consume alcohol
Allergies – tendency to asthma, hay fever, rashes
Awaken after a few hours of sleep – unable to get back to sleep
Aware of breathing heavily
Bad dreams
Bleeding gums
Blurred vision
Brown spots or bronzing of skin
Bruise easily, “black and blue spots”
Butterfly stomach, cramps Indecision
Can’t start in morning before coffee
Can’t work under pressure
Chronic fatigue
Chronic nervous exhaustion
Crave candy or coffee in afternoon
Dizziness, giddiness or lightheadedness
Drink more than 3 cups of coffee or cola daily
Get hungry or feel faint unless eating frequently
Eat when nervous
Fatigue is relieved by eating
Get “shaky” when hungry
Hand tremors (or trembles)
Heart palpitates if hunger is prolonged
Highly emotional
Nibble between meals because of hunger
Irritable before meals
Lack of energy
Magnify insignificant events
Moods of depression, “blues” or melancholy
Poor memory or ability to concentrate
Reduced initiative
Sleepy after meals
Weakness, dizziness
Worrier, feel insecure
Feel better after 10 am snack than before
Symptoms come before breakfast

Total Score:

A score of less than 20 is within the normal limits. A higher score is presumptive evidence of possible carbohydrate intolerance.


  1. Bonnie

    On the Bl;old sugar test I got 52 I am so sleepy and feel exhausted at times I find it hard to do anything.
    I just want to ly and sleep.

    1. Profile photo of Wild Rose College
      Wild Rose College

      Hi Bonnie,

      There is almost certainly an underlying cause to your fatigue, even if it is not low blood sugar. Unfortunately fatigue is a symptom of many different health problems so it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint the reason. I recommend speaking to your doctor or a holistic healthcare practitioner so that they can complete a thorough check of your medical history as well as current lifestyle and help you assess the underlying issue.

      Healthy Blessings,
      Wild Rose College

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