Candida Short Questionnaire

Enter a number (from 0 – 5) after each of the following symptoms related to Candida. Zero (0) would represent “not present”; 5 would represent very severe expression of the symptom.

What is your gender? 
Male       Female
0 1 2 3 4 5
Vaginal discharge
Frequent urination
Bladder infections
Sensitivity to smoke, perfume, insecticides, dry cleaning fumes, chemical fumes
All symptoms increase in dampness or on muggy days
Athlete’s foot, ringworm, “jock itch”
Do you crave sugar?
Do you crave bread?
Do you crave wine or beer?
Do you crave peanuts?
Do you crave oranges?
Do you crave grapes or raisins?
Fatigue or lethargy
Feeling “drained”
Feeling “spacey” or “unreal”
Abdominal pain
Low sex drive
Cramps and/or menstrual irregularities
Spots in front of eyes
Inability to concentrate
Mood swings
Dizziness/loss of balance
Belching and/or passing gas
Burning anus
Bad breath
Nasal congestion
Burning or tearing of eyes

Total Score on Short Questionnaire:

(Treatment is recommended if females score above 20 or males are above 15)

Please refer to the Candida Diet for a recommended program.


  1. Maggie hamson

    I did not think I had candida Though have fungal white patches on upper arms.
    have Lichen Scierosis vaginal area. What do you suggest to heal

  2. Charmaine

    I am surprised at how high my score is on this one. I figured it was somewhat of an issue. But obviously more than I realized. What is the best course for treatment?

    1. Profile photo of Wild Rose College
      Wild Rose College

      Hi Charmaine,

      For a full treatment it is best to work with a practitioner such as a naturopath or herbalist however there are many resources online as this is such a common problem. A few ways to begin addressing this issue is by taking a quality probiotic, reducing refined sugar, processed foods, alcohol and caffeine and eating a nutrient dense diet to support your body. Ensuring proper elimination and supporting the liver is important as well, fully addressing Candida can take time so following a healthy diet and eliminating any food allergies is important. Best of luck!

      In Warmth,

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