Tips for Online Study

Be sure to review and utilize these online study tips for online learning. Consider them tools of the trade – just as a Herbalist never enters the woods without their foraging basket, an online student never starts a course without implementing ways to get the most out of their learning! Read below for our top tips.

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing Online Study Tips for E-Learning

Identify Your Learning Objectives And Goals

What do you hope to take from this course or program? Identify the reasons you are taking the time to learn the material and what you hope to gain from it. Keep a list above your desk or in your notebook for reference. If you maintain a clear goal throughout the course you are more likely to remain committed and motivated to your education.

Identify Your Learning Style And Build Your Studies Around Them

Do you learn best with flashcards? Or by writing down notes? Identify the ways in which you are most likely to retain and understand the information. Reread the material, create flash cards, have a partner or family member quiz you, or put your material to use – head out to the forest and practice identifying. Recognize the ways you can best assimilate the material and incorporate that practice into your studying plan.

Build A Study Plan

Create a structure around the course. How many lessons will you complete each month? Is there a designated time each week you work on your course? Set study dates and don’t break them. Enter them into your calendar and treat it like a meeting with yourself. Read 3 pages a night before you go to bed. Whatever works best for your schedule create a plan and stick to it – it will become a habit and you won’t feel like you are behind. Our courses and programs are set up for flexibility, we understand our students have jobs, families and other priorities and this flexibility offers you the chance to set yourself up for success with whatever structure works best for your situation. 

Create A Learning Space

Create a space that serves your learning objectives and your passion.  Good lighting, a neat space, a layout of your study plan on the wall. Make your space inspirational – hang drying herbs, hang a piece of art, find a comfortable chair. Make it a space you enjoy being, spending time and positively supports your learning experience.

Understand Your Timeline And Stay On Schedule

Get clear on what your timelines are for your courses and programs. Take note of the date your courses expire and strategize your study plan with it in mind. This tip ties into your study plan. Know your deadline and the material you need to learn, take note of your schedule – do you have a holiday planned in the summer? Does family come to visit once a year? Is there a busy period at work when you likely won’t have enough spare time? Plan ahead and create your study plan within that timeline. Be realistic with your time, priorities and deadlines.

Connect With The Wild Rose College Community

We are an herbal community. Our students have been drawn here under very specific passions – Wholistic Health and Herbal Medicine. Seek out the other students, introduce yourself on the forums, share your experience and your interests. Our goal at Wild Rose College is to share these ancient traditions among ourselves, our families and our communities and it all starts here! 

Ask For Help When You Need It

Contact your teacher or the college administration if you need help or are unsure of something. We are here to cultivate a safe and supportive learning space and want you to feel empowered and passionate about your education!