KB: Email Calendar Links

How-to: Email Calendar Links

How to create/modify email links containing calendar events.

Table of Contents

Create the calendar event file
TBA: Create the Google calendar link
Upload the file to the website, for hosting
Modify the Mailchimp email



Create the calendar event file

  1. Go to the online iCal creation tool
  2. Click + New
  3. Enter the event details
  4. Click Save & Close
  5. Click the checkbox next to the event > Generate iCal
  6. Click Ok
  7. Click Download iCal File
  8. Rename the file, here’s a quick and easy format:

<event title>_<date>.ics



Upload the file to the website, for hosting

  1. Login to the Wild Rose Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Media > Add New
  3. Upload the .ics file, created in the last step
  4. Once uploaded, click Edit
  5. Copy the URL from the sidebar menu

Modify the Mailchimp email

  1. Login to Mailchimp
  2. Open the campaign or template you’d like to modify
  3. Clone if needed by
    1. For Campaigns > Menu > Template > Save this design as a template
  4. Edit the “Save the Date!” Link with the updated .ics
    1. Click the section of the email containing the button
    2. Click the <> button to switch to HTML
    3. Hit CTRL+f (CMD+f on Mac), to open a search dialog
    4. Search for “.ics” (without the quotes)
    5. Edit the href tag, replacing the link inside the quotes, with the link created in the last step





    6. Click Save & Close
    7. Test the email link by sending it to yourself: Menu > Preview > Send a test email