Herbology I [2014]:

Lesson 6 – The Kidneys, the Liver, Renal Function and Diuretics

In the last lesson we looked at elimination, stating that there were four major elimination channels. We looked at the first one, the skin.
The next elimination organ we will be looking at is that of renal (kidney) function. We will also be looking at the botanicals that are
associated with the kidneys; the Diuretics. The kidneys are considered the great balancers.They balance the acidity, water and
many other chemicals in the body. They are also the great filters, in that they filter the old waste material and toxins out of the body. Just as we considered the skin as a third kidney, we can consider the kidneys as deep internal sweat glands. Their function is somewhat
similar. The diaphoretics are outward moving herbs. Diuretics are inward moving herbs. But before we can deal with the kidneys, we have to look at the raw material that goes to the kidneys from the liver. Let’s take the next while and read through the textbook about liver and kidney function.