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Herbal Approaches to Autoimmune Conditions

Transform Your Health Journey with Petra Sovcov, Clinical Herbal Therapist and Doctorate of Natural Medicine. Join Petra as she takes a deep dive into the activating factors of autoimmune disease. […]

Cannabis for Healthcare Providers

Cannabis Medicine

Learn how to use cannabis as medicine and how it fits into 21st century health care. Dive into the world of the Endocannabinoid System, plant chemistry, the role of cannabis in health care, and learn basic protocols and dosing for many chronic health conditions.

Cannabis Course Bundle

Get all the tools to make effective Cannabis Medicine. Create your own cannabis-based products (Medicine Making Mini-Course). Learn cannabis constituents, the ECS system & how to dose (Cannabis for Healthcare Providers), & how to grow, harvest & propagate cannabis for medicine (Cannabis Cultivation).

Herbal Pharmacy & Advanced Formulations Bundle

We’re thrilled to announce our latest offering! A comprehensive Herbal Course Bundle designed to elevate your herbal knowledge and skills. This exclusive bundle consists of two of our popular courses: Herbal Pharmacy and Advanced Formulations.

Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden

Learn to grow your own organic medicinal herbs and food using the principles of bio-dynamic gardening. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener looking to learn chemical free garden management, or are a first time gardener wondering where and how to begin, The Wisdom Of the Cosmic Garden is for you.

Fermentation For Life

Learn the concepts and principles behind fermented foods and beverages as well as the importance of including them in our diet for gut and overall immune health. Discover the history of fermented foods and processes while learning to create krauts, simple cheeses, probiotic beverages, condiments, sourdough breads and so much more.

Cannabis Cultivation

Learn basic to advanced methods of growing medicinal cannabis, both indoors and out. Become proficient in seeding, planting, harvesting and curing your plants. Gain competence in understanding the botany of the cannabis plant and knowing how to propagate and pollinate to create future generations of vibrant medicine.