Tag: Foraging & Cultivation

Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms

Learn basic mushroom botany & chemistry, the properties & extraction methods of medicinal mushrooms (such as decoctions & dual extracted tinctures), select edible mushrooms and more with Yarrow Willard.

Seaweed Therapeutics

Learn the 3 main groups of seaweeds as medicines and their unique constituents, ID and sustainable harvesting techniques, ways to incorporate edible seaweeds in cooking & topical preparations, energetic principles and more.

Wild Harvesting

Join Yarrow Willard as he guides you on how to sustainably harvest plants for food and medicine. Learn the best practices and tools needed to forage plant parts ethically and safely; whether harvesting from your garden or the wild spaces around you.

Your course includes:

Botany for Herbalists

Using pattern recognition, learn key identifying features of the major plant families, from leaf shape arrangement, flowers and more. Learn the basics of Botany and how to identify medicinal plants with Botany for Herbalists.

Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden

Learn to grow your own organic medicinal herbs and food using the principles of bio-dynamic gardening. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener looking to learn chemical free garden management, or are a first time gardener wondering where and how to begin, The Wisdom Of the Cosmic Garden is for you.

Cannabis Cultivation

Learn basic to advanced methods of growing medicinal cannabis, both indoors and out. Become proficient in seeding, planting, harvesting and curing your plants. Gain competence in understanding the botany of the cannabis plant and knowing how to propagate and pollinate to create future generations of vibrant medicine.