Tag: Health Sciences

Nutrition 101

Nutrition is imperative to maintaining vibrant health. Build an extensive foundation in which you learn to nurture the body at a cellular level. Learn the importance of water, minerals, macronutrients, vitamins and phytonutrients, nutrition for life stages and certain health conditions, to examining food intolerances, digestion and popular diets.

*Advanced Nutrition

Further your study of the clinical applications of nutritional principles with Advanced Nutrition. Understand the importance of nutrition and dietary management in chronic health disorders and learn dietary protocols to support a variety of common conditions.

*Herb-Drug-Nutrient Interaction

Review the biological interaction between plant-­based therapies (herbs) and nutritional supplements with modern pharmaceutical drugs, and learn any possible contraindications between the three.

Fermentation For Life

Learn the concepts and principles behind fermented foods and beverages as well as the importance of including them in our diet for gut and overall immune health. Discover the history of fermented foods and processes while learning to create krauts, simple cheeses, probiotic beverages, condiments, sourdough breads and so much more.