Tag: Herbal Traditions

*Traditional Ayurvedic Material Medica

This course continues from Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine and features 50 detailed Ayurvedic herbal monographs.

Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine

*Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine

Welcome to Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine, an online course that provides an overview of the theory and practices of Ayurveda. Learn the Five Element theory and humoral theories, constitutions, daily and seasonal regimens, pharmacology, the causes of disease, diagnostics, and the principles of treatment.

*Traditional Chinese Materia Medica

Traditional Chinese Materia Medica follows the Traditional Chinese Medicine course with a series of 12 lessons focusing on specific categories of Traditional Chinese herbology and features over 100 individual herbal monographs.

*Traditional Chinese Medicine

This introductory course explores Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, including assessment and principles of treatment. The objective is to develop an understanding of this system and its components to further the knowledge of the body from a holistic perspective.