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Holistic Nutrition Transfer Program – Presentation Page

Holistic Nutrition Transfer Program

If you are ready to train as a herbalist and enroll in our Practical Herbalist Diploma Program at Wild Rose College, and you have already trained in holistic nutrition at schools such as CSNN or IHN, the Holistic Nutrition Transfer Program is for you. Gain practical skills in botany and herbology while discovering history, science, and important herbs of the Western herbalism model. In your transfer program, we have removed the courses you’ve already mastered: Anatomy & Physiology, Biology & Biochemistry, and Nutrition. Keep your credits and keep learning!

By enrolling into the Holistic Nutrition Transfer Program, you’ll gain access to the Practical Herbalist Diploma Program at an accelerated learning pace and at an advantageous discounted rate.

Learn More Here: Program Details & FAQs