Tag: Western Herbalism

Herbology 101

Herbology 101 begins your journey with Vitalism & Physiology while touching on some herbal history. It then flows through Botany and Plant ID, working up to the systems of the body with their major accompanying herbs and herbal actions. Your journey concludes with flower essences and the foundations of herbal formulation.

Herbology Advanced

Advanced Herbology is where we examine plant medicine though the lens of chemistry. Learn how carbohydrates, lipids, resins, alkaloids, volatile oils in plant medicine interact with the body and influence the functioning of our physiology.

Western Materia Medica I

Western Materica Medica I builds on your herbal foundation following the body systems approach in Herbology 101 & Herbology Advanced. Learn 50+ herbs in-depth that support each body system, tying together all the pieces of learning herbs and their applications.

Western Materia Medica II

In continuation of WMMI, we wrap up learning herbs for body systems and move onto common areas where herbs are called on for support: weight management/thyroid activity, parasites and candida, wound healing, pain, pregnancy and breastfeeding, herbs for aging, and more.

Herbal Pregnancy & Childbirth

Learn traditional herbs and nutrition to support pregnancy, labour, and childbirth. Support fertility & pre-conception right through to post birth issues such as breastfeeding and more with Plant Medicine.

Herbal Pharmacy

Herbal Pharmacy

Are you ready to master lotions & potions? Your exciting journey into Herbal Pharmacy begins with the foundations of herbal medicine before diving into two extensive hands-on modules on internal medicines. Your journey concludes with the sensory world of topical herbal-based preparations for the body.

Advanced Formulations

This course guides you through the process of creating effective formulas for your clients. It outlines different strategies and frameworks for formulating with herbs as well as the key considerations for creating an effective formula.

Western Energetics

*Western Energetics

This course introduces you to the concepts of Western Energetics and provides you with a historical overview of western herbal energetics including the humoral system, a detailed review of the six tissue states as well as plant energetics and the relationship to taste, herbal actions and phytochemistry.