Applied Phytotherapeutics I
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Applied Phytotherapeutics I


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Applied Phytotherapeutics is a series of teaching modules that consist of a review of the different physiological systems of the body, a review of the etiology, pathology and diagnosis of selected diseases within each system. It also contains an overview of the various modalities used in the treatment of these diseases, from a medical, nutritional, Western herbal, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese perspective. An attempt will be made to integrate these different perspectives and offer the “best-bet” treatment protocols for each condition discussed, or at least what is appropriate to the practice of a clinical herbalist.

You will also learn about the vibrational medicine model which shows that consciousness itself is not just a by-product of physical and biochemical mechanisms, and that biomechanical medicine has been looking for the part of the brain that controls consciousness and thought, vibrational medicine shows that consciousness takes place in an entirely different energy field. This all goes to the point that our emotional “body”, our mental “body” and our spiritual “bodies or fields” all influence us.

This course will also take you to a knowledge of systems beyond what we know biomedically about the relationship between the endocrine and nervous systems (hint: it’s the brain) and how these and other systems communicate with other. This way, we will communicate to you what it takes for you to be fully competent in this area of Applied Phytotherapeutics.

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Based on 14 lessons – 14 quizzes – Final exam – Official Letter of Completion


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