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Biology and Biochemistry

In order to understand more about what we do as present and future practitioners, we must understand that all living and non-living things consist of matter, which is anything that occupies space and has mass, such as wood, water, air, metal, plastic and food. If you don’t already know, you will learn that matter exists in one of more states: solid, liquid or gas.

We will teach you that there is a difference between mass and weight wherein the former is always the same, but our weight does not because it is subject to the force of gravity be it on a mountain peak, swimming in the ocean, or walking on the moon. Mass is the amount of matter that a substance contains, and weight is the force of gravity acting on the mass.

Because we strive here to always, as responsible healers, know about our world at the most basic level, this course cannot get more basic. Biology is the Chemistry of Life, and this course Biology and Biochemistry is the basic foundation of the teachings in herbalism. We are here to provide you with this foundation in order to enhance your future healing be it of yourself or others.

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