Wild Rose Guided Herbal D-Tox

Learn the foundations of detoxing–why detox, the concept of “In-Do-Out”, the importance of terrain, the role of the liver’s phase 1 & phase 2 detoxification, the important role of herbal support as well as the reason behind the magic number of 12 days in this herbal reset. Includes D-Tox approved delicious recipes designed for optimal nutrition, digestion, and energy.

-21 lessons on herbal detoxing, nutrition & cleansing
-16 Bonus lessons with recipes
-132 page D-Tox approved cookbook
…and so much more!

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Welcome to the free webinar video series for Wild Rose 12 Day D-Tox program! In this course, Dr. Terry Willard will guide you through the cleansing process and broaden your horizons of what it can mean to thrive while cleansing. Along with the D-Tox Guide course, join Dr. Willard & instructor Alexandra Luppold in a bonus cooking video series where they prepare several of his favorite D-Tox friendly recipes. This video series will most definitely help guide you toward a better and more enjoyable cleansing experience so you can thrive!

Interested in learning more? For those budding herbalists that diligently follow Dr. Willard to the end of the series, we will reward your keen interest with an exclusive 15% discount toward your next (or first!) course or program purchase with Wild Rose College.

To begin your first lesson expand the lesson header below and start at the top. Remember to click COMPLETE at the end of each lesson to make sure you unlock our exclusive offer at the end of the course. Enjoy!

Lesson #1 – Introduction

Lesson #2 – The Basics

Lesson #3 – Changing One’s Way

Lesson #4 – Terrain

Lesson #5 – Best Time to Cleanse

Lesson #6 – Starting a Program

Lesson #7 – Fast or Cleanse

Lesson #8 – A Tune-Up

Lesson #9 – 12 Day Kit

Lesson #10 – Laxaherb

Lesson #11 – CleansaHerb

Lesson #12 – BiliHerb

Lesson #13 – CL Extract

Lesson #14 – Booklet Guide

Lesson #15 – Dietary Rules

Lesson #16 – Digestive Enzymes

Lesson #17 – Cookbook Recipes

Lesson #18 – Liver Phase 1

Lesson #19 – Liver Phase 1 & 2

Lesson #20 – How Often

Lesson #21 – Summary

Bonus Cooking Lesson #22: Green Eggs

Bonus Cooking Lesson #23: Egg with Sweet Potatoes

Bonus Cooking Lesson #24: Coconut Milk

Bonus Cooking Lesson #25: Green Soup with Ginger

Bonus Cooking Lesson #26: Lamb Curry

Bonus Cooking Lesson #27: Beet Quinoa Salad

Bonus Cooking Lesson #28: Chickpea Squash Patties

Bonus Cooking Lesson #29: Mediterranean Salad

Bonus Cooking Lesson #30: Marinated Lime Chicken

Bonus Cooking Lesson #31: Salmon Seaweed Salad

Bonus Cooking Lesson #32: Hemp and Goji Berry Salad

Bonus Cooking Lesson #33: Basic Salsa

Bonus Cooking Lesson #34: Almond Milk

Bonus Cooking Lesson #35: Coco-Latte

Bonus Cooking Lesson #36: Almond Savory Biscuits

Bonus Cooking Lesson #37: Coconut Macaroons


Learn the basics of cleansing with the help of Canada’s leading cleansing expert, Dr. Terry Willard, PhD, Cl.H. Cover the basics of cleansing and the best time to cleanse successfully and thrive while doing so.

With a booklet guide, dietary rules, recipes, and so much more, students enrolled in this free course will learn about (and experience first hand!) the many benefits of cleansing with a change in diet and with the help of healing herbs.

Meet Your Instructors

Meet your instructors for the Free Herbal Detox course at Wild Rose College: Dr. Terry Willard, PhD, Cl.H. and Alexandra Luppold.

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Alexandra Luppold

Alexandra is a German Garden Master & Instructor for Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden. She farms organically on Vancouver Island.

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Dr. Terry Willard, PhD

Dr. Terry Willard PhD, Cl.H. is the founder & former director of Wild Rose Herbal College, and has been in clinical practice for almost 40 years.

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