Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms


Learn basic mushroom botany & chemistry, the properties & extraction methods of medicinal mushrooms (such as decoctions & dual extracted tinctures), select edible mushrooms and more with Yarrow Willard.

16 Lessons
68 Video Lessons (4.5+ hrs)
8 Medicinal Mushroom monographs
10+ Medicinal & Edible Mushrooms
0 Quizzes or Final Exam
3 Months free access to Herbal Village
6+ hours of Bonus Video Content
7+ World Of Mushrooms Bonus Videos
10 Fungal Forest Bonus Video Lessons
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2 Recorded Webinars
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Welcome to Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms

What’s the deal with mushrooms? Why is everyone so obsessed?

Whether you live in the city or the countryside, you share your space with mushrooms; medicinal mushrooms, edible mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, and even sacred mushrooms.

You may not always see them, but the mycelial network stretches far and wide. There are amazing symbiotic relationships that surround us that we aren’t even aware of.

Learning these relationships and tapping into this wild abundance is a part of reclaiming what is yours: a sense of connection and belonging. Our ancestors had relationships with mushrooms, and some of us still do. But for those of us who want to begin learning now, that are being called to work with mushrooms—who want to rebuild these bridges and start to reclaim lost traditional knowledge—how do we get started?

We invite you to join us in our Intro to Medicinal Mushroom course.

In this virtual course, Wild Rose College director Yarrow Willard (aka Herbal Jedi) will take you into the west coast woods to meet mushrooms in their element, so you can learn first hand what all the mushroom madness is about!

With video lessons filmed in the Herbal Jedi Lab, kitchen, and in the wild, this course will equip you with what you need to know to start connecting with the mysteries of the mushroom kingdom in a new way.

Topics include:

  • A brief history of mushrooms as medicine
  • Mushroom intelligence
  • Basic mushroom botany
  • Basic mushroom chemistry and extraction methods
  • …deeper dives on select medicinal mushrooms (see syllabus for full details)
  • …and more!

Bonuses! (Value $150+)

  • Finding the Fungal Forest 7 part video series
  • Turkey Tail Identification, Harvesting & Medicine Making
  • Oyster Mushrooms; Food, Medicine & More
  • Medicinal Mushrooms and the Deeper Side of Mycelial Entanglement
  • CHC Mushroom Panel Discussion
  • World of Mushroom Medicine

Valued at $147 (plus $150+ in bonus material). Receive LIFETIME access!

Video Content

Lesson 1: A Mushroom Mindset || 6 Videos

  • Forest Bathing
  • Reciprocity
  • Slow Down
  • Sensory Pattern Perception
  • Invitation to Stewardship
  • Forest Practice Connection

Lesson 2: History of Use || 4 Videos

  • History of Mushrooms
  • Why Are We Attracted to Mushrooms?
  • Mushrooms in the Fungal Kingdom
  • Mushroom Sex

Lesson 3: Symbiotic Relationships || 4 Videos

  • The Wood Wide Web
  • Mycelial Tree Exchange
  • Mycorrhizae Communication
  • Collective Harmony

Lesson 4: Mushroom Intelligence 1 || 4 Videos

  • Do Mushrooms Grow Forests?
  • Did Fungi Grow the Earth?
  • Shaman and the Sentient Network
  • Slime Mold Experiments

Lesson 5: Mushroom Intelligence 2 || 4 Videos

  • Cordyceps & the Ants
  • Genghis Khan
  • Mushroom Intelligence
  • Conclusion

Lesson 6: Harvesting Ganoderma applanatum || 4 Videos

  • Artist Conk – Ganoderma Harvest
  • Mush Love Artist Conk
  • Follow the Tree; Harvesting Ethics
  • Reishi Remnant

Lesson 7: Ganoderma oregonense, G. applanatum & Fomitopsis pinicola || 4 Videos

  • West Coast Reishi
  • Artist Conk Medicine
  • Smoke, Smudge & Fire
  • Red Belted Polypore Part 1

Lesson 8: Fomitopsis pinicola, Trametes versicolor, Pleurotus ostreatus || 6 Videos

  • Red Belted Polypore Part 2
  • Myco’Pee’
  • Feeling Into the Medicine
  • Turkey Tail
  • Winter Oysters
  • Bonus – Earthstar Puffball & Witches butter

Lesson 9: Mushroom Jokes || 1 Video

Lesson 10: Chanterelles || 3 Videos

  • Forest Connection (Honey Pot)
  • Woodpecker (Source Connection)
  • Chanterelles

Lesson 11: Agarikon, Jelly Toothed & Coral Mushrooms || 4 Videos

  • Agarikon
  • Jelly Toothed & Coral Mushrooms
  • Red Belt Chew
  • Sit Spot & Forest Conclusion

Lesson 12: Introduction to Cooking Mushrooms || 3 Videos

  • Intro to Cooking Mushrooms 
  • Cooking Chanterelles
  • Cooking Winter Oysters

Lesson 13: Medicinal Mushrooms || 7 Videos

  • The Value of Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Medicinal Mushroom History
  • Holistic Perspective on Health
  • Mycelium Vs. Fruiting Body
  • Polysaccharides
  • Possible Future Medicine
  • Triterpenes

Lesson 14: Mushroom Medicine-Making 1 || 6 Videos

  • Extracting Mushrooms in Water
  • Extracting Mushrooms in Alcohol
  • Gel Caps, Powders & Concentrated Extracts
  • Making a Dual Extracted Tincture
  • Making a Ganoderma Tincture
  • Red Belted Polypore Tincture

Lesson 15: Mushroom Medicine-making 2 || 4 Videos

  • Decoction for Dual Extracted Tincture
  • Making a Chaga Decoction
  • Benefits of Chaga
  • Benefits of Reishi

Lesson 16: Mushroom Benefits || 4 Videos

  • Benefits of Lion’s Mane
  • Benefits of Cordyceps
  • Benefits of Turkey Tail
  • Conclusion

Bonus Content

  • Turkey Tail Identification, Harvesting & Medicine Making
  • Oyster Mushrooms; Food, Medicine & More
  • Medicinal Mushrooms and the Deeper Side of Mycelial Entanglement 
  • CHC Mushroom Panel Discussion 
  • World of Mushroom Medicine 

Intro to Medicinal Mushrooms initiates you into the mycelial mysteries of the Wood Wide Web, and where mushrooms as medicine—and the relationship between mushrooms and people—fits into this greater web of life.

Upon course completion you will have been introduced to and have an understanding of:

-Mushroom intelligence
-Basic mushroom botany
-Basic mushroom chemistry
-The properties of select medicinal mushrooms—Cordyceps, Artist’s Conk, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Agarikon, Chaga, Lion’s Mane
-Extraction methods for medicinal mushrooms
-The dual extraction method of mushroom tincture making
-Select edible mushrooms such as Winter Oysters, Chanterelles, Jelly-Toothed Mushroom, Coral Mushrooms

…plus Bonus Series Content:
-Finding the Fungal Forest
-The World of Mushrooms, where you get the insiders guide to China & the world of medicinal mushrooms. In this bonus series, watch footage and interviews from mushroom experts at the 10th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference in China, learn firsthand about grain spawn production, visit a thriving mushroom market and reishi museum, and enjoy bonus material on Reishi, Lions mane, Cordyceps, & Tremella mushrooms.

Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.

Meet Your Instructor

Meet your instructor & mycelial mentor for Intro to Medicinal Mushrooms: Wild Rose College Director Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.

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Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.

Yarrow Willard, Cl.H., is a Wild Rose Alumnus, Instructor, and current college Director. He's co-owner/creative visionary behind Harmonic Arts.

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