Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth

Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth


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Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth

Jeannine Pavrati Baker said, “Women are carriers of life. We hold the fruit of our loving beneath our hearts. For too long we have lost touch with the fullness of this mystery due to modern, technological culture… healing with herbs is an ally to reclaiming our lost gnosis as healers for ourselves and one another.”

This is probably one course that has as many “issues” to discuss as any. We posit and go about proving that pregnancy, instead of being an illness as it is often treated, is instead a natural part of life and that should be regarded and celebrated as such.

From nutrition, to what can medically affect the mom and the fetus, dealing with all issues pre- and post-natal, in the spirit of what we do, this course will thoroughly give you the knowledge that any good practitioner will not only need, but will also embrace in order to give all deserving moms and fetuses what they need.

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Course Syllabus

Includes: 10 lessons – 10 worksheets – Final Exam – Official Letter of Completion


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