Upgrade: Practical Herbalist Diploma

The Practical Herbalist Diploma program is now comprised of 11 comprehensive on-line courses to lay the foundation for your herbal education. Now included: Wild Harvesting AND Herbal Pharmacy with Instructor Yarrow Willard, lifetime access to videos and content, 3 years membership to Herbal Village, and more! Click to upgrade below.

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Your Journey Includes:

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Comprehensive Courses

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Year Access To The Herbal Village

Why Practical Herbalist with Wild Rose College?

Our on-line programming is the result of 40 years of teaching, and decades of study and work in this field.

The Practical Herbalist Diploma Program offers:

-On-line learning (with printed manual option) & optional in-person clinical opportunities
-Self guided study at your own pace; 3 year program completion
-Lifetime access to all educational material
-Instant access-start anytime & study from anywhere with an internet connection
-Interactive courses with excellent student & community support
-3 years free Herbal Village Membership
-10 Live Zoom Roundtables – case study reviews, panel discussions etc.
-Ask the Instructor Live Q&A’s – sessions specific to courses, available to all enrolled students

Want more details? Scroll down to for more course info, as well as our program FAQ’s for admission requirements, access and more program logistics.

Herbology 101

Herbology 101 is your essential herbalist starter course, outlining herbalism history, herbal folklore, plant identification and herbal terminology, as well as modern herbal research.

Biology & Biochemistry

This course examines the chemical interactions within living cells essential for sustaining life, crucial to understanding the art and science of herbalism and the way medicinal herbs affect our biology.

Anatomy & Physiology

Focusing on the organic and systemic interrelationships in an optimally functioning body, our Anatomy & Physiology course covers all of the major bodily systems, organs and tissues.

Herbology Advanced

Herbology Advanced provides essential framework for herbalists working towards a professional practice, going into detail about herbal constituents and their role in facilitating health.

Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101 delivers a comprehensive overview into the world of whole foods and the link between nutrition and food as preventative medicine, offering essential knowledge for the holistic practitioner.

History of Herbal Medicine

History of Herbal Medicine offers an anthropological view into the long-standing relationship between humans and herbal medicine. Become acquainted with its rich history.

Botany for Herbalists

Botany for Herbalists is designed to understand the plant kingdom. The practice of herbalism is incomplete without the familiarity with plant botany, plant ID, and plant families.

Wild Harvesting

Learn how to harvest 40+ Herbs commonly found throughout North America. Discover the best methods on how to harvest and store roots, mushrooms, flowers and aerial parts from an experienced herbalist & harvester.

Western Materia Medica I

Take a deeper look into over 50 medicinal herbs commonly used in Western herbalism in this course, providing key information on the theoretical basis of single herbs and their use.

Western Materia Medica II

This course provides key information on the theoretical basis of single herbs and their use, and draws upon the rich and diverse literature, both scientific and folkloric, that explores each herb.

Herbal Pharmacy

Create liquid internal herbal preparations including tinctures, glycerites, flower essences, vinegars, honeys, syrups, and ferments. Explore preparations such as powders, pills and lozenges. Formulate topical preparations such as oil infusions, salves, lotions, compresses and poultices.

Plant Monograph Research Project

Utilize the skills and knowledge gained throughout your program to research and create a herbal monograph, including scientific studies, botany, energetics, therapeutics uses and more.



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