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Practical Herbalist Diploma Program

The New Practical Herbalist Diploma Program is now comprised of 11 comprehensive online courses to lay the foundation for your herbal education.

New Features Now Included:

-Wild Harvesting AND Herbal Pharmacy with Instructor Yarrow Willard

-Lifetime access to videos and content

-3 years membership to Herbal Village, and more!

Click to upgrade below. Only available until December 31st, 2022.

Watch the Video Guide below to see all of the updated features!

If you are currently “in-progress” in any of the 5 courses below we ask that you complete them prior to upgrading otherwise you will need to begin back at lesson one in the new course. This is the result of integrating to the new course format and once processed cannot be undone.

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • History of Herbal Medicine
  • Western Materia Medica I
  • Western Materia Medica II
  • Herbal Pharmacy (If you are a current Master Herbalist student)
Yes, any courses that you have completed will be transferred over upon upgrading and your final grades will still appear on your transcript. You will not have to re-do any courses you have already completed. (do we want to provide an estimated time – is this going to be automatic).

Upgrading to the new program will not change your current timeline of graduating, meaning if you purchased your program in January 2021, you will have until January of 2024 to graduate. We allow 2 program extensions per student, which is available upon expiry if needed. Students will still receive lifetime access to the course content which includes course materials and videos.

Under the new program, your program expiry date does not change. You will still have 3 years from the date of enrollment to complete all quizzes, exams, and projects. If you are a current student, upgrading to the new program will not extend your program expiry date. Although students will still have lifetime access to the course content which includes course materials and videos.

If you have already been approved for transfer credit please reach out to our Student Services team via [email protected] to collect your discount code.

If you are a current Master Herbalist student who purchased prior to September 2021 this will also apply to you.

Lifetime access to the content will include all downloadable PDFs including course manuals, textbooks, online course resources, and any additional support documents as well as all video content.. Student’s will have 3 years to complete the program requirements which means completing all necessary coursework (quizzes, exams, projects and assignments).
Our monthly live roundtables are your chance to deepen your herbal learning by diving into case study reviews and topical herbal discussions. This is your chance to learn how to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-world cases and feature prominent clinical herbalists from across Canada. Our roundtable discussions will be held via zoom and students will be notified with registration links and an outline of the instructor and topics prior to the session

Once you have purchased the upgrade our herbal village coordinator will cancel your monthly subscription. If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

The cost to upgrade is a flat $350. We are unable to break this cost down monthly so the cost to upgrade will have to be paid in full.
Throughout the year we regularly host Instructor Q&A’s to give you the chance to connect and ask your course questions directly to our instructors. These are an excellent opportunity to gain clarity on your learning material and to enhance your learning. Our instructor Q&A’s are held via Zoom and will be recorded and added to the bonus content of your course. You will receive the dates, times and registration links via email.

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Practical Herbalist Diploma Program
Practical Herbalist Diploma – UPGRADE


Upgrade Terms & Conditions

Students will need to understand that by purchasing the upgrade in the new Practical Herbalist Diploma program that you will be required to complete the additional courses within your current program timeline.

Students also need to be aware that if they are in progress of the following courses that they will either need to complete them first or begin back at lesson one, this includes;

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • History of Herbal Medicine
  • Western Materia Medica I and II

There will be no options for refunds once purchased. We will not be able to offer refunds or exchanges for course manuals previously purchased. You will have access to the new course materials via downloadable PDFs, or you may opt to purchase the new versions.

If you have any questions please reach out prior to purchasing to our Student Services team at [email protected]

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You are about to purchase an Annual Subscription to the Herbal Village. This subscription will automatically renew in 1-Year unless cancelled in advance.

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