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Practical Herbalist Diploma

From: $119.75 /month

Pay in Full $1,297.00
Payment Plan $119.75 / month for 12 months


Are you ready to begin your journey into the world of plant medicine? Whether you are already working with and admire the magic of plants, or you are simply casually curious- this program will equip you with the knowledge to support yourself, your friends and your family with Herbal Medicine.

The teachings included will teach you the ways in which our bodies work, a history of herbal medicine, the sciences behind it, an understanding of wholistic nutrition and two Herbology courses for a strong, foundational knowledge of Herbalism.

Our courses are the result of 40 years of teaching, and decades of study and work within this field. The material provided is insightful and in depth so that you may become familiarized and transformed by what you learn.

The Practical Herbalist program is where to begin if you are interested in developing your relationship with Herbalism.

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• Herbology 101
• Herbology Advanced
• Nutrition 101
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Biology & Biochemistry
• History of Herbal Medicine