Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine


This introductory course has 14 classes, each focusing on a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and what is behind it. The objective is to develop an understanding of this system and its components to further the knowledge of the body from a wholistic perspective. You will learn that this is achieved through the study of concepts such as: Qi; Yin and Yang; Eight Principles; Vital Substances, TCM organ physiology; and patterns, and disease theories and more. Furthermore, there will be an intense study of the four examinations, including pulse and tongue, with the plan being to strengthen the student’s assessment skills.

Intention, both from the standpoint of the patient and the practitioner is a powerful aspect of healing and is a large part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Intention and its results may explain why some patients recover quickly from an illness and why others never completely heal. Similarly, a great practitioner is clear and confident about their ability to correctly diagnose and treat illness and constantly looks at the big picture. How this all manifests itself will be made clear.

Speaking of that, we will also explore Clarity, which states that when the nature of health and disease is understood, it is possible for the practitioner to clearly discern the cause and nature of illness. The practitioner is aware of the laws of yin and yang; excess and deficiency; hot and cold; internal and external; and then is able to choose the most effective method of treatment, and your knowledge will only grow throughout the course.

Course Sample

Course Syllabus

Includes: 14 Lessons – 14 Quizzes – Final Exam – Official Letter of Completion


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