Spring Virtual Herb Walk


Walk with Yarrow & Terry! Join us for our annual Spring Virtual Herb Walk-only available for a limited time every year. Our popular seasonal mini-course has been enjoyed by thousands. Get outside or walk with us virtually from indoors until spring makes it’s way to you and you can visit the plants around you firsthand.

15+ Videos
15+ Herbs
15 Plant monographs
0 Quizzes
No Final Exam
1 year full access
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Join our Spring Virtual Herb Walk!
You will:
  • Connect with nature via 15+ bite-sized video lessons filmed in the wild with Yarrow & Terry Willard. (Yes, the videos are kid friendly!)
  • Meet 15+ common medicinal & edible herbs found in the wild throughout North America
  • Get beautifully designed 2-3 page plant monographs with study material to accompany each video lesson (a total of 15 .pdf downloads). See a sample here: Wild Rose.

….. our Spring Virtual Herb Walk mini-course is a 65$ value that we are offering this year for FREE–to inspire you to get out and connect with nature!

*This is a limited time offer. Only available until June, 2022.


Spring Virtual Herb Walk Syllabus

Spring Virtual Herb Walk Introduction: Why Learn About Herbs?

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 1: Plantain

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 2: Burdock  + bonus Yellow Dock video

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 3: Cleavers

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 4: Avens Root Yarrow

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 5: Yarrow

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 6: Barberry

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 7: Meadow Rue

Spring Virtual Herb Walk Interlude: Plant Philosophy

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 8: Dandelion

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 9:  Cow Parsnip

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 10: Skunk Cabbage

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 11: Fir Tips

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 12: Horsetail

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 13: Salmonberry

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 14: Violet

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Herb 15: Wild Rose

Spring Virtual Herb Walk: Conclusion

Spring Virtual Herb Walk-Bonus Video Content: Wild Cherry Bark, Nettles, Turkey Tail and Alder Catkins

Learn to identify 15+ common edible and medicinal plants in their habitat in a fun, easy addition to your day with our mini video lessons! With your 40+ pages of beautifully designed downloadable .pdf monographs, further explore their traditional and medicinal uses.

Designed as an accessible, warm and welcoming introduction to the world of plant medicine that surrounds us, this mini-course is geared for those who are beginner plant people and those aspiring to step on the plant path.

Explore herbalism–get inspired and get outside to learn the plants around you!


Meet the Instructors

Meet your two instructors for Herbology 101: father and son team, Dr. Terry Willard, PhD, Cl.H, & Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.


Dr. Terry Willard, PhD

Dr. Terry Willard PhD, Cl.H. is the founder & former director of Wild Rose Herbal College, and has been in clinical practice for almost 40 years.

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Yarrow Willard, Cl.H.

Yarrow Willard, Cl.H., is a Wild Rose Alumnus, Instructor, and current college Director. He's co-owner/creative visionary behind Harmonic Arts.

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