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Wholistic Therapist Diploma

From: $178.92 /month

Payment Plan $178.92 / month for 12 months
Pay in Full $1,997.00


The Wholistic Therapist Diploma Program is an ideal program for those students who want the opportunity to personalize their studies while acquiring fundamentals in Herbology, Nutrition and Iridology. This program requires students to complete foundation courses while gaining additional knowledge and skills in complementary healing possibilities.

In combination with assessment tools such as Iridology, and a repertoire of counseling skills, Wholistic Therapist graduates may work with clients to determine their unique situation and make appropriate recommendations.

Our courses at Wild Rose College of Natural Healing were created so the most casual or serious learner can take part. Our timelines and delivery ensure our students will be able to participate in our in-depth teachings while working or maintaining their other commitments.


• Anatomy and Physiology
• Biology & Biochemistry
• Iridology
• Herb 101
• Herbology Advanced
• History of Herbal Medicine
• Essentials of Pathology
• Nutrition 101
• Nutrition Advanced
• Wholistic Therapist Case Study