School Policy 2023

You can download a PDF version of our school policies using the link below:

Wild Rose College School Policy



To register for a course or program, please visit Choose the course or Diploma program you wish to enroll in and follow the prompts in the shopping cart.

Upon registration for any Wild Rose College course or Diploma Program, students are automatically subject to Wild Rose College Policies as listed below:


Students have the option to pay program tuition fees in full or enroll in a payment plan at time of purchase. 

Wild Rose College accepts payment via Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Visa-Debit, or e-transfer. A Paypal account is not required to use a credit card. If a student wishes to pay via e-transfer, please contact college administration at [email protected] for instructions and support. 

Students who enroll in the payment plan option are responsible for paying monthly installments over a period of 12 months until the course is paid in full. Scheduled payments for payment plans are withdrawn automatically each month and there is no option to stop payment once the student has enrolled with a payment plan, unless enrollment is canceled within seven (7) days after registration or a student has requested to pause or cancel their studies (please see Withdrawal/Program Pause).

Should there be a declined or failed payment with a payment plan, a $75 reinstatement fee will apply and the student must manually confirm the outstanding payment/bring the account to date with college administration staff by contacting [email protected] Access to course content, grades and transcripts is withdrawn and students will be unable to login in to the website until which time the account is in good standing.

Wild Rose College will attempt to collect the monthly payment of a failed or overdue installment to fulfill the payment plan agreement. Students will be notified via email of a failed or overdue installment and be provided with 5 business days from the date the email was sent to bring their account up to date. 

If students need to move a payment date for a subscription, they will need to request so by emailing [email protected] a minimum of 2 business days before the date of their payment. The payment cannot be moved more than a maximum of 5 business days after the due date. Students are able to request a move of their payment date once during their payment plan. If a student needs to make further changes to payment dates they may do so by either pausing or cancelling their subscription. 

Students who choose to pay via e-transfer will be responsible for providing payment on the 15th day of each month.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, students will be responsible for ensuring the payment is received the next business day. 

Wild Rose College reserves the right to cancel the student’s enrollment and remove student access to their course should payments be unsuccessful. 

Students will not be refunded previous payments made towards the course. 

To continue with the course, students shall be required to pay a $75 reinstatement fee plus full course fees in order to re-enroll in the course. Payment plans must be completed in full in order for a student to graduate/obtain their diploma.  

Wild Rose College is unable to offer refunds to students who request to cancel their subscription after their payment date.

Wild Rose College is able to offer a tax exemption for individuals with a valid status card and/or those who are exempted from federal taxes.  Please contact [email protected] to provide a copy of your valid photo identification/status card in order for this to be processed. 

Timeline of Completion

Students who enroll in a Diploma Program have three (3) full years from date of purchase to complete their program. 

Students who enroll in a single course have one (1) full year from date of purchase to complete their course.

Students are encouraged to proceed at their own pace, with the completion date in mind. 

Students who do not feel they will finish their studies in the assigned time can request a one (1) year course extension. The course extension fee is $50 +GST per individual course or $150.00 +GST per diploma program.  Students must request and pay for the extension up to a maximum of 3 months after their course/program expiry date. Each student is allowed a maximum of two (2) extensions per course or program. 

Students are given 1 year to complete the thesis project for their program from the date of their topic approval. If a student has not handed in their project in 1 year or before their program has expired, they will be responsible for paying a $75.00 extension fee which will give them an additional 6 months to complete and hand in the project. Please contact [email protected] to arrange an extension.

If a course has not been completed within the maximum allotted time, and an extension has not been arranged or paid for, the student is responsible for full fee payment at current course or program rates to resume studies in that course or Diploma Program.  


Wild Rose College periodically offers sales and/or discounts to students to be applied towards the purchase of full diploma programs and/or single courses. Wild Rose College reserves the right to determine when these sales periods and discounts will apply.  Sale pricing will be honoured for 10 full days prior to the sale and 5 full days post sale period. Payment is due at time of purchase. Discounts and/or sales pricing does not apply to seasonal course offerings, course manuals, Herbal Village subscriptions, or clinical practicums. 

Students with any questions or concerns surrounding sales and any discounts offered can contact the college at [email protected] .

Refund Policy

Wild Rose College will issue a refund upon request, less a 30% administration fee, when a student withdraws from a course a maximum of seven (7) business days following purchase. Because course access is immediately granted and course material links are automatically emailed directly following payment, they become the property of the student. As such Wild Rose College is unable to offer full refunds. 

Our refund policy also applies to our monthly Diploma Program payment plans.  If cancelling a payment plan a $75.00 cancellation fee will be applied before remaining payments are cancelled.  All payment plans will remain active unless cancellation has been acknowledged by college administration staff.  Students can request cancellation of a payment plan if they are withdrawing from a Diploma Program.  If a student contacts the college to re-enroll in their studies on a payment plan, outside of the allotted time frame (see Timeline of Completion) they will be responsible for a reinstatement fee of $75, plus the extension fee of $150 to extend their access for one (1) year, and any remaining program fees at current program rates.  

Printed course manuals are non-refundable. 

A note about Wild Rose College manuals: herbalists and practitioners who teach at Wild Rose College work for many years on their courses offered at the College. Thus, we respectfully ask that students do not give or sell used course manuals, as this would result in course creators not earning an income from course sales as a result. All course material is copyrighted. Wild Rose College, instructors and staff strive to support the herbal community and herbalists. We thank our students for their support in this mission.

Stand-alone courses, intensive workshops, clinical apprenticeships, and seasonal courses are non-refundable.

Please note that refunds will be issued using the original payment method provided at time of registration.

Gift Cards

When a gift card is purchased, the recipient will be emailed a coupon code for the dollar value of the gift card. The recipient can then use the coupon code to enrol in a course or program of their choice. This will ensure that the recipient is registered as the student.

Taxes will be applied to the dollar amount of the gift card where applicable.

Gift Cards cannot be refunded or exchanged. If the recipient would not like to use the gift card, the purchaser is able to use it themselves or provide it to another person who would then enrol in a course or program. The gift card coupon code can only be used once. 

Gift Cards can be used in conjunction with any tuition sales or discounts. 

Gift Cards will apply to the tuition cost at the time of purchase. Wild Rose College cannot guarantee that the tuition cost of a course or program will not change in between the time of purchase and the time of redemption. If the recipient wishes to upgrade, they will need to pay the remaining balance. 

For Herbal Village Memberships, a gift card can be applied towards a one month or a one annual membership. As they are subscription based, the gift card cannot currently be used towards multiple monthly payments at a time.

Transferring Between Different Courses

An administration fee of $75 will be levied for transfers between one course to another within seven (7) business days of course purchase.  

Wild Rose holds the right to deny the transfer of courses and/or programs into another student’s name after enrollment. We hold a one student per account policy.

Withdrawal/Program Pause Policy

If a student decides to withdraw from a program of study, they must provide written and signed notice of such, ensuring that it is dated and provided to college administration at [email protected]. This notice should include the reason why the student is withdrawing from their program of studies.

If a student needs to take a leave from their studies, they will be able to pause a Diploma Program they are enrolled in for a period of time by notifying Wild Rose College.   Students must contact college administration at [email protected] to discuss eligibility prior to pausing their studies. This option does not apply to individual courses.

Students wishing to pause their Diploma program subscription must submit a request a minimum of 2 business days before their next payment, within office hours.  

Students wishing to withdraw/cancel a Diploma program subscription must request and pay the cancellation fee a minimum of 2 business days before their next payment, within office hours.  

Any refund owing to a student who withdraws will be calculated according to the refund policy outlined by Wild Rose College. Wild Rose College will issue any refund owing to the student within 30 days of the date the written withdrawal notice was received.

Re-Registration Policy

A fee of $75 for reinstating their active student membership is required from Diploma students following a paused absence or in the case of a failed payment for those students enrolled in the payment plan. Students must contact college administration at [email protected] to discuss prior to resuming their studies. 

Students who officially withdraw from Diploma Studies and wish to re-register will also be subject to a reinstatement fee of $75, plus any applicable extension fees. Program Fees at the time of re-registration will apply.

Diploma Replacement

Diploma replacements are subject to $50 administrative fees. Please email [email protected] for details. If a request is made for replacements that are from beyond our seven (7) year retained filing system, proof of course or program completion must be provided.

Official Wild Rose College Transcripts

Official transcripts are available for assessment by other institutions for a fee of $25.00 +GST. Transcripts will be emailed (or mailed if required) directly to the institution advised by the student.

Transfer of Credits from other Institutions

Courses taken at another institution may be accepted as substitutes for Wild Rose courses upon submission of official course transcripts, detailed course outlines or course syllabus. In some cases, students may be asked to write a challenge exam at a cost of $75.00+GST per course challenged. 

Courses allowable for transfer must have been taken within the past 10 years. Previous credit assessment is available to all prospective students. Please email [email protected] for more information.

If you have taken Wild Rose College courses in the past 10 years and wish to enroll in a program, please contact the administration office at [email protected] to review course credit options.

Challenge Exams

Wild Rose College may grant permission to students to write challenge exams to obtain credit for specific courses. These courses include: Anatomy & Physiology, Biology & Biochemistry, and Nutrition 101.

If you have acquired skills or knowledge, which are relevant to the outcomes of a specific course, you may request permission from the student services department to enroll in and complete a challenge exam. A challenge exam will test you on the content of the entire course.  No Wild Rose College course resources will be provided to students prior to writing the exam. A challenged course will appear on a student’s transcript with the single final grade obtained in the exam. 

The challenge exam fee is $75 + tax per course.

In order to pass the final exam challenge and receive credit you must receive a mark of 70% or higher

Rewrites are not available, if you do not pass you will need to purchase the course in full, a credit will not be given for purchasing a challenge exam. Final exams have a 3 hour time limit – there is no option to save or pause your progress so please plan accordingly. Student’s will have up to 30 days to take the final exam challenge – extensions will not be available.

When should I consider taking the course instead of writing a challenge exam?

You should consider taking the course or re-taking the course instead of the challenge exam if:

  • it has been several years since you have completed the course
  • you require a different course sequence than what you studied. For example, program upgrades since you last completed the course have changed and the course completion hours have been modified for graduation requirements
  • you failed the course

Many of the Wild Rose College courses have changed and been updated in the past five years and you may not be familiar with the new course materials or standards of excellence. Please reach out to our College Coordinators at [email protected] for more information on the specific courses you can take to upgrade, and the processes involved. 

Passing Standards

The passing standard for all mandatory courses at Wild Rose College is 70% (unless otherwise stated). In order to receive credits for a course, students must fulfill all requirements set by the instructor for that course.

All requirements for a course must be completed within 1 year of enrollment for individual courses or 3 years for Diploma Programs. Course grades are calculated based upon 60% quiz results with 40% final exams.

Failing Grade and Plagiarism Policy

If when marking a student assignment submission, the Wild Rose College team finds evidence of plagiarism being used the student will be immediately failed and their assignment returned for revision. The student will have a minimum of one (1) month to a maximum of three (3) months to submit their edited and revised monograph to the Wild Rose College team for marking. If the student has passed the one-year timeline provided to write their monograph, the same three (3) month extension to complete the monograph will apply.

If a monograph assignment earns a failing mark upon submission the second time, the student must re-purchase the Plant Monograph Thesis and will need to begin an entirely new monograph to submit. 

Note: The above plagiarism policies will also apply to students who fail their monograph assignment due to other reasons. 

Help Desk/Student Services

A Help Desk service is available to assist students with their correspondence material and any course questions, including support for online learning platforms. Students may contact the college Help Desk via Wild Rose College administration at [email protected]

Course Expansions

Wild Rose College may update or expand existing course material from time to time.  When possible, active students will have the option to transfer into the expanded courses and upon doing so may be charged an administrative fee to cover the cost of the expanded course content and development.


Wild Rose College course instructors and associates share their knowledge and experiences through our online course offerings, articles, herbal intensives and videos, and through content shared via the Herbal Village forum.  Any information shared by course instructors should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

Grade Appeal/Student Dispute Policy

Wild Rose College provides an opportunity for students to resolve disputes and grade appeals in a fair and equitable manner.  The policy outlined below applies to all currently enrolled or active students, or those who were enrolled 30 days prior to submitting a complaint.

When students have a concern or wish to appeal a grade, this should first be addressed with administrative staff, course instructors, or the clinical manager.  If the student is not satisfied with the outcome at this level, the student must put their complaint in writing and send it to the Administrative Manager who is responsible for handling the escalation of complaints for determination.  The student must send their complaint to the General Manager if the Administrative Manager is absent or also named in the complaint. 

Grade Appeal:

If dissatisfied with a grade received for an assessment (this applies to quizzes, final exams, final graduation projects including Plant Monograph Thesis and MH Case Studies, and any applicable clinical training assessments), and able to provide evidence that a higher grade is warranted, the student should first discuss this with administrative staff or course instructor.  The grade will be reconsidered and, if warranted, a new grade assigned.

If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of his/her appeal to either administrative staff or course instructor, the student must submit a written appeal to the Administrative Manager who will obtain a copy of the assessment and will have it re-marked by another instructor.  If the assessment achieves a higher grade on re-marking, the higher grade will be assigned.  If the assessment achieves a lower grade on re-marking, the original grade will be retained. 

If the grade appeal is submitted to the Administrative Manager, the grade resulting from the re-mark will be final and cannot be appealed any further.

Student Dispute:

A student’s written complaint should be sent via email or the WRC web submission form in order to provide receipt and verification of the date the complaint was received.  The Administrative Manager will discuss the complaint and desired resolution with the student and following discussion the Administrative Manager will conduct whatever inquiries and/or investigations are necessary and appropriate to determine whether the complaint is substantiated or not.  Those investigations/inquiries may involve further discussion(s) with the student either individually or with the appropriate staff/instructor or clinical manager.

The student shall receive a written summary of the above determination within 45 days of the date the complaint was received. 

If it is determined that the student complaint is substantiated, the Administrative Manager will include a proposed resolution of the complaint.  If the student is still not satisfied with the determination of the Administrative Manager, the student must then advise the Administrative Manager within 5 business days of being informed of the determination.  The matter will then be referred to the Wild Rose College General Manager in order to review the complaint and provide a final decision in writing within 10 business days.  The General Manager will either confirm or amend the determination of the Administrative Manager, at which point Wild Rose College’s Appeal/Dispute Resolution process will be exhausted. 

Privacy Policy 

Wild Rose College privacy policies can be found at the following link: 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Wild Rose College’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement can be found at the following link:

Wild Rose College Herbal Village

The Herbal Village provides a place for students to discuss courses, share information and tips, projects as well as news or ideas that are of interest to the Herbal Village online community.  The forum is not to be used to seek medical advice.  Members are expected to be polite, respectful, use good internet etiquette, and follow Herbal Village rules outlined on the forum when interacting with other members.  Information shared or discussed in the Herbal Village is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis.  By joining the Herbal Village, students agree to refrain from asking for or providing medical advice, personal attacks, negative comments or dialogue.  Not abiding by these and other guidelines provided in the forum will result in the student’s removal from the group.

Students wishing to cancel a Herbal Village subscription must request cancellation a minimum of 2 business days before their next payment, within office hours.

Wild Rose College Herbal Village – Refund Policy

Yearly Subscription

Wild Rose College will issue a refund upon request, less a 15% administration fee, when a member cancels their yearly membership a maximum of seven (7) business days following purchase. After this time period, Herbal Village membership will be non-refundable.

Students may request to cancel their yearly subscription at any time by emailing their request to [email protected]. We are unable to offer refunds for payments that have already been processed unless these fall within the first seven (7) days of initial purchase. Upon cancellation, members will no longer have access to the Herbal Village Facebook Group or Herbal Village resources on the website.

Monthly Subscription

Students may request to cancel their monthly subscription at any time by emailing their request to [email protected]. We are unable to offer refunds for payments that have already been processed. Upon cancellation, members will no longer have access to the Herbal Village Facebook Group or Herbal Village resources on the website.

Entire Agreement/Breaches of these Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions, together with any additional information sent to the student at the time of registration for courses, memberships, or other products, constitute the entire agreement between the student and Wild Rose College.

If a student breaches these terms and conditions in any way, Wild Rose College may take action that they deem appropriate to deal with the breach, including suspending student access to the website, online forums, and any clinical internships arranged through Wild Rose College.  

Wild Rose College may revise these terms and conditions from time to time.  Any revised terms and conditions will apply from the date of the publication of the revised terms and conditions on this website. We recommend students check this page regularly to ensure they are familiar with the current version.