Dr. Terry Willard

Terry Willard, Cl.H., Ph.D. is recognized as one of North America’s leading Clinical Herbalists. After over 40 years of clinical practice and teaching, he is now in semi-retirement. He founded Wild Rose College in 1975, and continues to teach with us. His latest course is Cannabis for Healthcare Providers. He spends most of his time […]

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Yarrow Willard

Yarrow Willard is a Clinical Herbalist and Wild Rose Alumnus, co-founder of Harmonic Arts. He enjoys sharing health-empowering teachings on advanced nutrition, and cultivating a deeper connection with the natural world. He strives to continually update his knowledge in the growing-edge science of natural wellness. He is the current director of Wild Rose Herbal College. […]


Farrah Thompson

Farrah Thompson is a Scottish born and Canadian raised herbalist, educator, mama, and medicine maker. As a graduate of the Botanical Medicine program through the National University of Medical Sciences, Farrah has completed extensive studies in herbal medicine. Her focus is on women’s health, stress prevention, and disease. She has a deep passion for plants, […]


Jacqui Calfountzos

Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist


Katie McIntyre

Katie (she/her) is a passionate herbalist who is pursuing her designation as a Clinical Herbalist with Wild Rose College. Previously working in a multi-disciplinary healthcare field, she has experienced the benefits of different treatment methods for overall health and wellbeing. This inspired her to practice herbal medicine. She is also a Reiki Master and draws […]

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Becky Starling

Becky Starling is a Community Herbalist and Education Manager with Wild Rose. She manages our popular Herbal Village, a herbal membership group and site with hundreds of members, where she teaches webinars and tutorials while supervising and managing incredible events and a steady lineup of experts and teachers. She also runs our popular Clinical Herbalist […]


Nicole Slierings

Nicole is a herbal enthusiast and plant lover. At the College, she coordinates and creates content for the Herbal Village, supports our students in their herbal journeys, and assists in the continual improvement of our courses and programs. She brings her previous experience as a library technician to help connect students with our resources. Nicole […]

Baily Dunsmore

  Baily is the Marketing Manager at Wild Rose College. She is delighted to use her background in Sales and Marketing to reach new audiences of folks embarking on their herbal journeys and help showcase all the wonderful courses and resources the College has to offer. Baily has always been passionate about growing her connection […]

Cherianne Cybulskie

Cherianne is the marketing outreach coordinator at Wild Rose College. She’s a “social media herbalist” – a community herbalist who is thrilled to connect folks with their herbal path through the mycelial interwebs. With a background in Outdoor Education, Cherianne bridges her commitment to guiding and teaching others through impactful experiences, with her skills in […]

Megan Kendrick

Megan is a Registered Herbalist (OHA) who grew up feeling most at home in nature and as a child could often be found using flowers and grasses to make magical ‘potions’. She worked for a number of years as a chef and her interest in food, especially wild foods, led her to studying the medicinal […]

Nathan McCready

Nathan McCready is a budding herbalist, avid urban gardener, and yoga teacher/practitioner. He loves to share his practice and experience with all who are interested. Having worked in traditional education systems in I.T. for over 25 years, Nathan has drawn on his extensive knowledge in education technology to help the college provide a safe and […]

Ali Karim

Ali is responsible for our accounting needs at the college. He brings his international finance experience (all the way from London, England!) and flavour for automation to the team. Ali has a love for all things natural. His passion for fitness and healthy living started over 8 years ago and he takes pride in being […]