Wild Rose College’s FREE Summer eBook

Wild Rose College’s

FREE Summer E‑Book

Wondering how to embrace all sides of summer while enjoying your time outdoors? From the sun, to smoke, blood suckers (& stingers!) we’ve got herbal & wholistic strategies to keep the summertime living easy.

What’s inside:

  • Heat
    • Hydration
      • Infused Waters
      • Iced Teas & Sun Teas
      • Popsicles, Herbal & Floral Ice Cubes
      • Cordials, Syrups & Sodas
    • Sun protection
  • Smoke
  • Insects
    • Ticks
    • Mosquitos
    • Wasps & Bees
  • Simple Multi Purpose First Aid Kit

Find an abundance of strategies to herbally hydrate- in ways that are gorgeous, tasty, & palate pleasing for everyone
We share tips on sun protection & natural repellants, tick awareness & herbs that help with tick borne diseases, while covering a lot of ground on blood suckers & insects that sting
And what about the smoky days? Learn how to support both your breath & your mood when the winds shift & hide the sun
We finish off with a simple, natural & plant based first aid kit you can assemble & keep with to keep the summer feel good vibes flowing