Wild Rose Herbal Village

Wild Rose Herbal Village

Join our community of herbalists
and herb enthusiasts!

The Wild Rose Herbal Village is a vibrant, thriving herbal community for all those on the herbal path

Do you want to continue learning herbalism at your own pace and on your own time from a reputable herbal college with a 40 year track record of training herbalists?

Do you want to connect, learn from, inspire and be inspired by other herbalists?

Do you want to share this experience and your journey with others as you go?

  • Learn from a variety of herbalists with different life experiences, education, and cultural perspectives
  • Share herbal ideas, growing, harvesting, and medicine making experience
  • Get inspiration from what others are doing
  • And so much more!

We’ve got SO much juicy herbal content to educate, engage and inspire!

  Coming Up In The Wild Rose Herbal Village

Flower Essence Intensive

Marie White ProfileMarie White

Dive into the world of flower essences with herbalist Marie White this July. In this 4-part intensive and Wild Rose Herbal Village exclusive course, you will learn:


  • The foundations of flower essences: what they are, their history, how to work with them both for personal use & as a herbal practitioner
  • Common garden flowers and cultivated flowers: uses and benefits + flower monographs
  • Common wildflowers: how to wildcraft for flower essences, what to look out for & when NOT to forage + wildflower monographs
  • Crafting your own: how to extract, dilution process, how to store your remedies + how to use as part of your self-care routine or your herbal practice with clients

Meet Marie

Marie is an experienced herbal educator and medicine-maker and is the team and project lead manager at Wild Rose College. She has a strong passion for women's health and advocacy. Some of her flower essences teachers include Danièle Laberge, Natacha Imbeault, and Robert Rogers.

Marie White Garden

  Get Access to Our Past Intensives

  • Business for Herbalists
  • Herbalists Guide to Fermentation with Malcolm Saunders
  • Herbal Pediatrics Series with Herbalist & Dr. TCM Tiffany Freeman

Join us! Try out the Village and watch or participate in the whole series for just $9.97 per month!

The Wild Rose College Student Group is the #1 online community for students of herbology.

When you join the Wild Rose Herbal Village, you get access to:  

  • A thriving Herbal Community moderated by Practising Herbalists
  • A Herbalism focused learning environment with no ads, spam, or hyped up false health advice
  • Regular live herbal webinars
  • Mini-Courses by well respected practising Herbalists
  • Valuable Virtual Clinical Case Studies & Instruction
  • Comprehensive materia medica files and health condition printable files
  • Curated seasonal themes & content
  • Engaging content, relevant up-to-date herbal information such as events, workshops, internships and job opportunities
  • A strong global community – vibrant, supportive, strong moderator policy, exclusive bonuses & discounts, member business directory
  • Herbalists from all different backgrounds – unique voices in the world of herbalism
  • Hundreds of hours of material to watch, read, or download– all at your own pace

ALL of this for just $9.97/month

What you gain when you share your herbal journey

Herbalism is a passion that you may want to shout from the rooftops and share with the world, but it may sometimes feel as though your friends and family are not quite as excited as you are when geeking out about plants and your passion for herbs!

There is so much value in having other herb lovers to talk, learn, and share with, all in a safe space-we speak a common language and plants are our shared love.

We can:

  • Connect with herb lovers in our own province or state that we may have never meet in real life (or heck, in an entirely different country!)
  • Connect with others who have the same niche herbal interests as we do
  • Get inspired by others herb gardens, apothecary spaces, or medicine
  • Arrange in-person or distance meet-ups to share studies, plants, or other resources
  • Chat with our herbal peers on a regular basis, all while learning together, growing and supporting one another

The Wild Rose Herbal Village community allows us to connect and support one another and, ultimately, expand our community, friend circle, and horizons!

When you join the Wild Rose Herbal Village, you’ll get:

Private Group and Vibrant Community 

As soon as you register, you’ll get access to the private Facebook group to connect with hundreds of other herbalists, navigate through our content and learn!

Besides plugging into a thriving community of fellow herb lovers to connect with, you will also find the library of webinars, exclusive .pdf files of flower essences, herbal materia medica, and more to help you to grow as an herbalist.

We are proud to offer a safe space to build community and make friends, stay inspired and motivated, with quality curated content to assist you on your herbal journey.

Monthly Live Webinars 

Here’s when you can join our live online webinars. Topics vary from month to month.

Currently in our webinar database we have topics ranging from syrup & cordial making, infused oils and salves, basic botany, spring medicine, flower essences, intro to cannabis medicine, connecting with the language of nature, heart health, and more!

During the live webinars you can:

  • Access these live and exclusive trainings in real time
  • See live instruction and demonstrations
  • Interact with our Instructor & other herbalists
  • ..And ask all the questions you want

This is your time to do in the virtual classroom what you can’t on your own-take advantage of it!

Can’t make the live broadcasts? Not to worry, all broadcasts are archived and can be replayed as many times as you want to re-watch them! Hit play while preparing dinner, doing the dishes, processing your herbs, etc.

Guest Herbalist Series and Trainings

Several times a year, we feature a brand new herbal series by well renowned herbalists.

For as little as $9.97 a month, you’ll get access to hundreds of dollars of current, seasonally-inspired herbal education on topics such as:

  • Herbal Pediatrics (Herbs for Kids!)
  • Business for Herbalists
  • Medicine Making
  • Fermentation
  • …and more!

And you are not journeying alone! Learn along with all of your peers and fellow herbalists in the Wild Rose Herbal Village.

If you can’t make the live broadcast-not to worry, replays are available, as all webinars are archived in the group, along with the accompanying handout files.

Join The Wild Rose Herbal Village TODAY!


We’re all at different points on our herbal journey.

Phase 1: Herbal Newbie
Interested in Plants,  Herbs & Herbal Medicine-wanting to learn more plant ID, herbal principles, medicine making for yourself & for your family.

Phase 2: Budding Herbalist
Currently undergoing a more formal Herbal Education (in person or online) or have taken some part time classes. Bitten by the herb bug but still have so much more to learn!

Phase 3: Intermediate Herbalist, or “No Turning Back Now!”
Completed the foundation of your herbal education, but you still have some areas you’d like to strengthen. And still a few rabbit holes you’d like to go down! Perhaps it’s clinical (helping people with herbs), working with children, focusing on a certain area of specialty (PTSD, Lyme Disease, etc), starting an herbal business, teaching, etc.

Phase 4: Intermediate to Advanced, aka “The Eternal Herbal Student  You may already teach, work with clients, are a skilled medicine maker & just want to stay inspired and up to date on herbal trainings and offerings in a way that’s affordable and flexible around your schedule.

Joining the Wild Rose Herbal Village is also an opportunity to network with respected herbalists and connect with those interested in your workshop and course offerings.

No matter where you are at right now, we do have something for the stage of the herbal journey you are on!

Who is The Wild Rose Herbal Village for?

We offer something for everyone. If you are a budding or aspiring herbalist, to a more intermediate herbalist who wants to build & refine what you know, to learn & get inspiration from teachers following a variety of herbal paths, then this group is for YOU.

Everyone in the Wild Rose Herbal Village is working hard on the herbal path, whichever stage they are on!

-Perhaps you are the only herb nerd in your rural community, or maybe you don’t know how to connect (or have the schedule to allow you to) connect with your peers in the city.

-Perhaps you don’t have any herbal workshops offered where you live, and it’s prohibitive to travel to them.

-Perhaps you don’t have the budget to spend hundreds of dollars for a weekend workshop!

No matter if you’ve been working with herbs for years or if you are just getting started, the Wild Rose Herbal Village  will bring on-line herbal education right to you, in your own home, to engage with at your convenience, in an accessible and affordable way.

If you decide that it’s not for you,
you can cancel at ANY time.

Truth! You can cancel your membership with one click in the dashboard, or just let us know via email. 

We only want you to stay a member if we are offering herbal value, creating herbal community while enriching your herbal knowledge and nourishing the herbal side of your life.

For just $9.97 per month, you’ll get access to the: 

  • A thriving Herbal Community moderated by Practising Herbalists
  • Live monthly Herbal webinars with esteemed Herbalists
  • Mini-Courses by well respected practising Herbalists (a series of 4 live broadcasts with accompanying handouts/.pdf files-replays archived)
  • Archive of ALL the live webinars that we’ve held up to date, plus the new ones scheduled each month moving forward
  • Comprehensive materia medica files and health condition printables
  • Curated seasonal themes & content-articles, videos, files
  • A Herbalism focused learning environment with no ads, spam, or hyped up false health advice
  • Valuable Virtual Clinical Case Studies & Instruction
  • Engaging content, relevant up-to-date herbal information such as events, workshops, internship and job opportunities
  • A strong global community – vibrant, supportive, strong moderator policy, exclusive bonuses & discounts, member business directory
  • Herbalists from all different backgrounds – unique voices in the world of herbalism
  • Hundreds of hours of material to watch, read, or download– all at your own pace

This itself is worth well over $500+ but you can get it for just 9.97$ month!

A 4 week series of 1 hour trainings alone could cost anywhere from 150$-350$. 

Even if you only logged in 1-2 times a month to watch the webinars, you would be getting a crazy amount of herbal value at only $9.97 CDN per month-the cost of a couple of fancy coffee shop coffees!

“I really like that this forum is moderated so well and yet provides a wonderful community with which to learn, share and grow…it’s a pleasure to learn with your school!”-C.H.

Who is joining the Wild Rose Herbal Village?

  • Wild Rose College Students & Alumni
  • Herb Folks from all across Canada, the US, and the world who want to connect with people near and far
  • Herbalists who want to continue their education on their own time in a way that is affordable and flexible
  • Those who want to connect with other herbalists committed to the herbal path to share recipes, foraging tips, and other resources-you may not have herbal neighbours where you live!
  • Aspiring herbal entrepreneurs looking for practical advice and inspiration on launching a successful herbal business

Plants are the thread that binds us all together!

We need community. 

Sometimes it’s tough to stay committed to the journey on our own, no matter how much we want to. There are so many demands on our time. Having other folks who are sharing the journey keeps us motivated and inspired. We are stronger together. No matter where you are on the plant path, we know that you’ll love being a part of our Village.

But more importantly, we need the right community.

A community with people who are eager to learn and share what they learn, who forage and craft herbal remedies.

A community with a commitment to the plants, to herbalism, and to nurturing those in it.

A community committed to integrity in herbalism-no hyped up misinformed health advice, no spam, no shaming of questions, no attacking other members.

The Wild Rose Herbal Village is a paid membership community, so that we can offer high quality herbal education and incredible herbal value at a low monthly subscription (Less than the price of a take away lunch!).

Using this model allows us to provide you with dedicated moderators who are skilled practising herbalists to keep things safe, sensible and well-informed.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Wild Rose Herbal Village! We know you will love being part of our group and what you will learn.

Join us!

Meet Your Hosts & Instructors

Becky Starling

College Coordinator & Wild Rose Herbal Village Moderator, Instructor

Meet Becky! Becky is a College Coordinator with Wild Rose College and our main Wild Rose Herbal Village Moderator.

Becky is an herbalist and reiki practitioner who is passionate about organic gardening, creating herbal remedies and inspiring and educating folks about plants and their many uses. She has studied with both the Chestnut School and Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine and is a co-founder and writer for the One World Herbal Community, a blog dedicated to the world of plants and herbalism.

She is also the founder of Cedar Hill Herbs where she creates herbal tea blends and remedies from homegrown and ethically wildcrafted plants. She lives in the interior of British Columbia and spends as much time as she can with her family in the beautiful forests and mountains where they hike, bike and forage for wild edibles.

Dionne Jennings

Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, Moderator, Instructor

Dionne Jennings has a mission as a Community Herbalist: connecting plants & people.

She began studying herbal medicine in the folk tradition 20 years ago on Vancouver Island, and completed a 3 year supervised clinical apprenticeship in Alberta in 2015.

Dionne feels much of her role as a Community Herbalist is to help others reconnect with lost traditional plant knowledge & practices–whether living on acres of stewarded land or within the challenges of the urban environment.

Dionne has a particular passion for teaching & researching, as well as studying Ukrainian/Slavic Folk & Herbal Medicine, and enjoys utilizing her writing and communication skills on behalf of inspiring and “growing” future herbalists with Wild Rose College. www.yegherbalist.ca

Marie White

College Manager, Moderator, Instructor

Marie White is an herbalist and educator. Her work has appeared in print and online and she has collaborated with alive magazine, the CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association), and many other leaders in the field of natural health and plant medicine.

Marie studied herbalism at L’Herbothèque in Québec as well as with herbal practitioners on Vancouver Island, BC. She has a strong passion for women’s health, and the sustainability of herbal practices. Marie contributes to the teaching rotation for our live Wild Rose Herbal Village webinars, with her most recent one on Flower Essences.

Yarrow Willard

College Director, Instructor

Yarrow Willard is a Clinical/Master Herbalist, co-visionary of Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary and current director of Wild Rose College.

As the son of Terry Willard, original founder and creator of Wild Rose College, he has been immersed in the world of plant medicine since before he was born and is continually updating his knowledge with the growing edge science of re-claiming wellness. Yarrow regularly teaches and hosts our Wild Rose Herbal Village live webinars.

Yarrow lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia off the West coast of Canada and divides his time between Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary, Wild Rose College, his family and his personal passion for sharing the healing power of medicinal plants.

To learn more follow him on Facebook, Instagram or visit www.harmonicarts.ca

Dr. Terry Willard

College Founder, Instructor & Course Creator

Terry Willard, Cl.H., Ph.D. is recognized as one of North America’s leading Clinical Herbalists. After over 40 years of clinical practice and teaching, he is now in semi-retirement-but don’t worry, we keep him busy!

He spends most of his time writing, formulating nutritional products and researching. He has authored 12 books. Currently Terry is involved in actively researching & developing medicinal cannabis courses for Wild Rose College, as well as hosting our live Wild Rose Herbal Village webinars.

Terry has spent many years representing the Health Food industry interests at both federal and provincial levels. He is the past president of the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations, past president of Canadian Association of Herbal Practitioner and a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and we are happy that he continues to share his knowledge with the community at Wild Rose College.

Join The Wild Rose Herbal Village TODAY!