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Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine has been training herbalists since 1975.

Our passion: connecting you with ancestral knowledge to support yourself and your community with plant medicine.


If you’re new to the herbal path, this is where to start.
Become a certified Practical Herbalist with 1,000+ hours of herbal learning.


Deepen your herbal studies and train as a certified Master Herbalist

Continuing Education

Earn your Clinical Herbalist certification with our expert mentors​


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Follow your herb path in community and with the support of fellow esteemed herbalists, students, and Wild Rose College teachers and instructors.

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For the curious to the serious: browse our collection of online courses on herbalism, nutrition, botany, harvesting, cultivation and more.

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The faculty at Wild Rose Herbal College brings together some of the most respected and influential herbal educators today.

Meet Instructor and College Founder, Clinical Herbalist Dr. Terry Willard, PhD.

Learn from renowned Clinical Herbalists, Herbal Entrepreneurs, Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Functional Nutritionists, Community Herbalists and experienced Herbal Practitioners.

We have curated a team of educators specializing in the various niches of herbology to guide your herbal studies–with an ever-growing number of contributors continually expanding both our community and our offerings.

Meet our experts in all things herbal: medicine making, botany, fermentation, medicinal mushrooms, natural pregnancy, seaweed medicine, seaweed herbal gardening & cultivation, and much more.


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