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A complete overview of the courses in our Diploma Programs.

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Practical Herbalist

Explore the 11 comprehensive courses and the final project that make up your Practical Herbalist Diploma Program. 

Folklore and modern scientific herbal research come together in this comprehensive herbology course.

Examine the chemical interactions within living cells essential for sustaining life, crucial to understanding herbalism.

Unvailable for individual purchase.

Learn the systemic interrelationships in a body, looking at all of the major systems, organs & tissues through a herbalist’s lens.

Unavailable for individual purchase.

Learn 86+ herbs and their interaction with our body systems through the lens of plant chemistry.

Unvailable for individual purchase.

Learn to incorporate Wholistic Nutrition with Plant Medicine as an herbalist in Nutrition 101.

Unvailable for individual purchase.

An anthropological view into the long-standing relationship between humans and herbal medicine.

Unvailable for individual purchase.

The practice of herbalism is incomplete without familiarity with plant botany and plant families.

Unvailable for individual purchase.

Learn the best practices to harvest, forage and store plants for food & medicine sustainably, ethically and safely.

Build on the body systems approach: learn 50+ herbs in-depth that support each body system.

Unvailable for individual purchase.

Unvailable for individual purchase.

Discover the broad diversity of medicinal and healing plants used by Western Herbalists.

Create herbal preparations including tinctures, glycerites, flower essences, vinegars, honeys, syrups, and ferments.

Utilize the knowledge gained throughout your program to research and create a detailed herbal monograph.

Master Herbalist

Explore the 8 comprehensive courses and the final project that make up your Master Herbalist Diploma Program. 

Advance your nutritional knowledge–learn the role of diet and apply nutritional principles to support specific dis-eases and chronic health disorders.

Learn TCM concepts such as Qi, Yin and Yang, Eight Principles, Vital Substances, TCM organ physiology, as well as the four examinations including pulse and tongue.

Learn the theory and practices of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, including the Five Element theory, humoral and structural theories, constitution, and more.

Review the biological interaction between plant-­based therapies (herbs),  nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical drugs to incorporate herbs safely as an Herbalist.

Learn 50 different medicinal plants of Ayurveda, including formulation, remedy preparation, dosage, indications, contraindications, doshas, and more. 

Learn Chinese herbs, formulations and processing, therapeutic methods, meridians, energetics, temperature, and more.

Learn the etiology, & pathology of health conditions within body systems from a medical, nutritional, Western Herbal, Ayurvedic and TCM perspective.

Expand on the physiological systems of the body with related health conditions from a medical, nutritional, Western herbal, Ayurvedic and TCM perspective.

As a final project for graduation, students are required to complete and submit three case studies: 1 of 3 of our provided cases + 2 client consultations of your choice.

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