Practical Herbalist

Are you ready to begin your journey into the world of plant medicine? Whether you are already working with and admire the magic of plants, or you are starting from the beginning following your curiosity or soul’s longing- this on-line diploma program will empower you with the knowledge to support yourself, your friends and your family with Herbal Medicine.

Get: 3 yrs Diploma Completion & Student Support; Lifetime access to content, 11 Comprehensive Courses, Live On-line Case Study Review & Instructor Q&A’s; In Person & On-line Apprenticeship Options

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Master Herbalist

The Master Herbalist Diploma Program builds on the extensive foundation of the Practical Herbalist Program. Dive deeper into Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic Theory and Materia Medica, Applied Phytotherapeutics, Advanced Nutrition, and Herb/Drug/Nutrient Interaction.

You will graduate from this program with extensive herbal knowledge, a comprehensive understanding of the functions of the human body, the effects of single and combined herbs and their modes of action.

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Clinical Herbalist

The Clinical Herbal Apprenticeship with Wild Rose College is a unique in-person offering that may be taken in conjunction with either the Practical Herbalist Diploma Program or the Master Herbalist Diploma.

This is your opportunity to gain the hands-on experience and supervised clinical hours required to become a Registered Herbalist. Work with developing herbal protocols with clients–by learning directly from a practising Herbalist.

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Not Ready for a Program?

Start with Herbology 101

Herbology 101 is the foundational course for your herbal studies with Wild Rose Herbal College. Instructed by College founder Terry Willard PhD & Cl.H., 15 course modules are packed full with clear instruction, introducing 90+ herbs, over 100 video lessons, along with 30 bonus in the field videos!

Watch An Excerpt of Herbology 101

Deepen your learning

One Course at a Time

Prefer to follow your path one course at a time? Browse our selection of herbal courses, nutrition, fermentation, botany, organic gardening, and so much more



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