Available Herbal Courses

Want a taste of what Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine has to offer?

Try our single courses on topics that cover a variety of core topics on western herbalism, botany and nutrition.
We also offer unique electives on medicinal cannabis, seaweed therapeutics, medicinal mushrooms, and more.

Free Courses

Want a taste of the Wild Rose student experience? Try one of our free courses on a variety of topics on western herbalism, urban herb gardening, plant ID and more.

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Free mini-course & e-book w/ gorgeous mini monographs & bonus medicine-making hacks.
Learn how to grow a thriving urban medicinal herb garden in the company of two community herbalists.
Immerse yourself in the world of Medicinal Mushrooms w/ Herbal Jedi & Wild Rose College.

Western Herbalism

Explore our comprehensive introductory & advanced courses in Western Herbal Medicine.

This course guides you through the process of creating effective formulas for your clients.
Embark on a transformative journey into the world of flower essences with our comprehensive Flower Essence Practitioner course.
Learn the foundations of herbal medicine making in our online Herbal Pharmacy course.
Your foundational online herbal course for expecting parents, birth workers, & herbalists.
Folklore and modern scientific herbal research come together in this comprehensive herbology course.
Learn 86+ herbs and their interaction with our body systems through the lens of plant chemistry.
Gain an understanding of the concepts and historical roots of western herbal energetics.
Build on the body systems approach: learn 50+ herbs in-depth that support each body system.
Discover the broad diversity of medicinal and healing plants used by Western Herbalists.

Herbal Traditions

Explore our comprehensive introductory & advanced courses in Herbal Medicine from around the world.

Learn 50 herbs commonly used in Ayurvedic Medicine found in the subcontinent of India, Pakistan and Tibet.
Gain knowledge of the concepts and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Discover over 100 herbs most commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Health Sciences

Explore our comprehensive introductory & advanced courses in Health Sciences.

Advance your nutritional knowledge - apply nutritional principles to support chronic health disorders.
Learn the systemic interrelationships in a body, looking at all of the major systems, organs & tissues through a herbalist’s lens.
Learn the art & science of crafting fermented foods & beverages in Fermentation for Life.
Learn interactions between herbs, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical drugs
Learn to incorporate Wholistic Nutrition with Plant Medicine as an herbalist in Nutrition 101.

Herbal Practitioner

Explore our comprehensive introductory & advanced courses for Herbal Practitioners.

This course guides you through the process of creating effective formulas for your clients.
Learn practical step-by-step know-how and action-oriented skills to take your herbal business to the next level - from a holistic perspective.
Learn to cultivate, create, and use cannabis medicine in this 3-in 1 course bundle.
This comprehensive medicinal cannabis course is for both health care providers and lay folk alike.
Learn the foundations of herbal medicine making in our online Herbal Pharmacy course.
A comprehensive Herbal Course Bundle designed to elevate your herbal knowledge and skills.

Foraging, Gardening, & Plant ID

Learn to harvest, identify as well as grow the medicinal plants that are so important to your craft. Master topics from Botany to Biodynamic Gardening.

Embark on the journey to understanding the plant kingdom through the eyes of Botany.
Learn to propagate, grow, & harvest medicinal cannabis in this comprehensive cultivation course.
Herbal Jedi Yarrow Willard, Cl.H. introduces you to Mushroom Medicine.
Dive deep into the medicinal, nutritional, & topical uses of seaweeds in this comprehensive elective with Angela Willard, Cl.H.
Learn the best practices to forage plants for food & medicine sustainably, ethically and safely.
Grow your own organic herbs and food using the principles of bio-dynamic gardening.


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