Master Herbalist Diploma

The Master Herbalist Diploma program builds on the extensive foundation in the (prerequisite) Practical Herbalist Diploma program. Comprised of 8 comprehensive courses to expand on your herbal education, you will be introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic systems of healing and their traditional herbs and formulas.

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If you would like to enroll please email our Administrative Team at [email protected] with your transcript from our Practical Herbalist program or equivalent education.

What You Will Learn

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Comprehensive Courses

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Final Thesis Project



Why Master Herbalist with Wild Rose College?

The Master Herbalist Diploma Program is the next step after completing your Practical Herbalist Diploma (or equivalent program–contact our College Coordinators here for transfer requirements).

The Master Herbalist Diploma Program offers:

-On-line learning (with printed manual option) & in-person clinical opportunities
-Self guided study at your own pace; 3 year program completion
-Instant access-start anytime & study from anywhere with an internet connection
-Quality advanced herbal courses with excellent student & community support
-1 year free Herbal Village Membership

Want more details? Scroll down to for more course info, as well as our program FAQ’s for admission requirements, access and more program logistics.


Nutrition Advanced

Learn about research methods, clinical assessment, and the role diet plays in the recovery of specific diseases. Gain a new sense of responsibility for your own health, while gaining skills to aid others.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Study TCM through concepts such as: Qi, Yin and Yang, Eight Principles, Vital Substances, TCM organ physiology and more. Study the four examinations, including pulse and tongue.

Traditional Ayurveda

Engage in an overview of the theory and practices of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, including the Five Element theory, humoral and structural theories, constitution, daily and seasonal regimens.

Herb Drug Nutrient Interaction

Learn a combination of 74 herbs and foods discussed in detail with consideration to their interaction with conventional drugs. Dive into pharmacokinetic interactions, absorption, distribution, and more.

Traditional Ayurvedic Materia Medica

Review 50 different medicinal plants of Ayurveda, including remedy preparation, formulation, dosage, indications and contraindications. Learn about rashas, doshas, and the Ayurvedic pharmacy.

Traditional Chinese Materia Medica

Each lesson looks in depth at Chinese herbs with herbal monographs, meridians, energetics , temperature and more. Learn about therapeutic methods, processing, and formulations.

Applied Phytotherapeutics I

Review the physiological systems of the body, etiology, pathology, diagnosis of selected diseases within each system, from a medical, nutritional, Western herbal, Ayurvedic and TCM perspective.

Applied Phytotherapeutics II

More physiological systems of the body, and etiology, pathology and diagnosis of selected diseases within each system, from a medical, nutritional, Western herbal, Ayurvedic and TCM perspective.

Master Herbalist Case Study

As a final project and prerequisite for graduation with a Master Herbalist Diploma, students are required to complete and submit three case studies: 1 of 3 of our provided cases + 2 client consultations of your choice.



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