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Nurturing Future Herbalists: Introducing Our Scholarship Program

New Herbal Scholarship Program at Wild Rose College

Today, it brings us immense joy to share with you a new chapter in Wild Rose College’s journey, – the launch of our Scholarship Program!


For over 40 years Wild Rose College has been a beacon of knowledge, not just nationally but on a global platform, pioneering the path for herbal education. Our extensive programs delve deep into the mysteries of nature, ranging from foundational individual courses to advanced studies in our Diploma Programs.


The initiation of this scholarship program is reflective of the college’s commitment to ensuring that education is a right, not a privilege. The scholarship will offer financial assistance for our Practical Herbalist Diploma Program to deserving students, allowing them to tap into the unexplored realms of herbal medicine without the worry of financial burdens.


The launch of the program coincides with a remarkable time in history when we are collectively rekindling our relationship with nature. More than ever, people are looking towards herbal and natural remedies, intertwining traditional wisdom and modern science. This resurgence of interest in plant-based healing practices is a testament to the relevance and importance of leading-edge herbal medicine education.


For those ready to embark on this academic journey and join the ranks of visionary herbalists, the application process is designed to be user-friendly and comprehensive, ensuring that every deserving candidate gets an equal opportunity to demonstrate their passion for this timeless discipline.


To all those who have found their calling in the divine art of healing, this Scholarship Program is your doorway to turning your passion into a reality. We invite you to apply, learn, and grow with us, harnessing the sacred wisdom of the plant world.


Registration is open July 4th – 18th 2023. Take these next steps toward advancing your future in the exciting field of herbal medicine. Embarking on your herbal education journey is a symbol of your commitment to a healthier world, a love letter to nature, and a beacon guiding us toward a more sustainable, inclusive future!


~ Apply here! ~

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