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Pink Yarrow Flower Essence: Protection for the Heart

Achillea millefolium, known more commonly as yarrow has long been admired for its protective qualities, dating back to medieval times when folks would hang yarrow above their door in midsummer as protection from evil spirits and illness. Its cluster of flowers providing an umbrella of sanctuary and safety for those that need help setting appropriate emotional and energetic boundaries from forces around us. 

All Yarrow flower essences possess a certain amount of protection energy, but where pink yarrow specialties lie are in protecting the heart. Pink yarrow flower essence allows you to ‘have an open heart while still feeling protected’ to permit you to be ‘compassionate without feeling vulnerable.’ It can be super helpful for those who find it hard to differentiate their own emotions from those of people around them as well as those who are grieving and find it hard to integrate their feelings.

Medicinally yarrow is a well-known styptic with an affinity for the circulatory system. Often known as the ‘Master of Blood’ it can help regulate blood flow in the body’s circulatory system and can clear out stagnation. Suppose we look at the aura in terms of our energetic circulatory system. In that case, pink yarrow essence can assist in stopping the bleeding or permeating of the aura with the surrounding energetic or emotional environment. It has the ability to help shift any lingering stagnant energy from the aura, allowing you to create meaningful and loving relationships with those around you.

Working with both the root and heart chakras, pink yarrow is grounding and loving and, therefore can be helpful for our little ones, helping them feel supported, safe and loved in the world around them. It can also be used to help heal generational wounds that have been passed down.

Do you feel that pink yarrow flower essence could be helpful to you? Let us know if you have tried this energetic medicine!



Wild Rose College Pink Yarrow Flower Essence Monograph

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