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Plant Medicine in 2020: Interview with Samantha Orthlieb, MH

Earlier this year I had the honour of sitting down-virtually-with Wild Rose Alumna Samantha Orthlieb, Master Herbalist about the role of Plant Medicine in 2020.

Samantha owns Senses of the Soul & Botanical Sanctuary and runs her clinical practice out of Ammolite Healing Center in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.

“When you look at plant medicine, plants in themselves are whole. They are intrinsically linked to nature and the cosmos–as I say in my book, they know why they’re here, they know what their purpose is, they don’t stumble around like us poor delicate humans do–they don’t really think that way. And therefore to me, if you are giving someone a plant remedy of any kind, whether it’s a vibrational essence like a flower essence, everything helps us intrinsically within that to connect back on a whole.


Whether you are a Clinician or whether you are using it, it is helping you on a much higher level of consciousness that I believe actually most people realize.”

-Samantha Orthlieb, MH

What do you think the role is of Plant Medicine in 2020? Is it more important than ever?

Watch the whole interview here. Enjoy!

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