Community Plant Observations


Notice any plants or mushrooms ready for harvest in your garden or around you? We're collecting the community's plant observations! To learn more and submit your plant observations, check out this page You can also check out our community wildcrafting map we made with the data we collected from the community already! To use it, select the […]

Chlorella Single Herb Deep Dive


Join Wild Rose College founder, Dr. Terry Willard in this deep dive about chlorella! Chlorella may not be as trendy as some herbs, but in this deep dive you'll hear why Terry considers it one of the most important herbs of his practice, and why he calls it "the OG of OG's".This deep dive will […]

Herbal First Aid for Summer – Herbal Village Webinar July 26th

Summer is the time for action and adventure, and sometimes these can lead to accidents and injuries! From bug bites and sunburns to smoke exposure and broken bones, there are a lot of places herbs can support us. Join Herbal Village coordinator and clinical herbalist Megan Kendrick for a webinar on her favourite herbs to […]

Interesting Mechanisms of How Herbs Really Work

Step into Terry Willard's captivating world as he takes you on an exciting journey exploring the intricate workings of botanical medicine and its unique impact on our bodies. In this class, prepare to be enlightened with fresh perspectives and engaging discussions on how these natural remedies operate in ways distinct from their conventional allopathic counterparts. […]

A Vitalistic Approach to Pain Management

Wild Rose Herbal Village

Join Travis Carthwright of Althaea Herbals for a class on using vitalistic principles and medicinal herbs to support pain relief.  Pain is one of the most common reasons people seek health support. Unfortunately, the support many receive is temporary, inadequate or even addicting, and often neglects the underlying health challenges people experience. Herbal medicine offers […]

The Poison Path: Journeying with the Nightshades

Join Herbal Village Coordinator and Registered Herbalist Megan Kendrick for an exploration of the poisonous nightshades.    While being potent and deadly poisons, the poisonous nightshades have a fascinating history of use and have been integrated into the human experience for millennia. With historical applications in medicine, spirituality and ritual, extracts from these plants are […]


In Conversation with Judith Berger

Wild Rose Herbal Village

Join Herbal Village Coordinator Megan Kendrick for a conversation with Judith Berger. Judith is a herbalist, writer and Physician’s Assistant and has been studying and practicing herbal medicine since 1986. She is the author of the beloved book, Herbal Rituals and publishes her writing regularly on her substack.    In this conversation, Judith shares stories […]

Herbs for Oral Health

Wild Rose Herbal Village

Dental care is often seen as being its own department when it comes to healthcare. But, the teeth and mouth are just as connected to the rest of our body as every other part! In fact, issues with oral health have been linked to many major diseases of other systems and organs. In this webinar […]