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Up Close + Personal with the Women of WRC: Pt 2

(Part 2 of 3)



  • the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Gratitude-webOne of the values many of us hold onto in times of crisis is gratitude.

We have all experienced the lockdowns, the uncertainty, and perhaps a great deal of fear during the last year and a half. More than ever, we had to search for pieces of joy and look for something that made us feel whole, in a world that felt (and may still feel) fractured. During tough times and to keep our life stable, we benefit from developing a thankful attitude for the blessings in our life.

Is gratitude a daily practice for you?

In our last blog, the women of Wild Rose showed you their vulnerable sides. They also shared which herbal remedies they leaned on for support. Today Nicole and Katie also open up. 

When I asked these ladies what they were grateful for and what brought them joy during this last year’s challenges, it wasn’t as basic as bubble baths and candles.

Dirt bikes, Video Games, and a Chinchilla


I have an obsession with downhill mountain biking and dirt bikes. When I’m not foraging in the forest I’m blasting through the trails on 2 wheels! Morning meditation was (and still is) a huge one for me – the internal quietness at the start of each day really helps set the tone for the day ahead. Also, kitchen dance parties!” Becky (Education Manager)




Nicole (Education Coordinator):

“I really enjoy playing video games! Some of my favorites are RPG games, The Sims, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. My main strategy was distraction and trying to keep busy the best I could indoors to keep my mind off of things.”



Katie (Student Services Coordinator):

“I love animals! I share my living space with three dogs, three cats, and a chinchilla. Also, I’m a part-time dog groomer and a retired canine first aid instructor. I had time to explore the land around me through epic hiking trails and adventures with my dogs!”



This is a great example that while some of us made the most of being inside, others needed to get into the great outdoors. Finding your happy place and things you are grateful for can take many forms.

Nervines and Nixing Negativity

And of course, I had to know: What was your biggest herbal support?

Milky-Oats-webMilky Oats 100% to hug my nervous system each day!”

Nicole:Lemon Balm! I find it really calming and anxiety was one of my biggest issues.”

Lemon-Balm-webKatie:I relied greatly on my collection of cleanse/detox teas from Harmonic Arts. I was mentally purging the negativity from my headspace, and physically the teas helped to remove the negativity from my body to bring together my whole self.” 

Knowing there are herbs to calm your nervous system and support you in effective ways in times of extreme stress, is enough to make anyone grateful!

Once again, we would love to hear what herb(s) helped you through any challenges that you may have faced during these uncertain times. What ritual and plant medicine helps you to cultivate an attitude of gratitude? Please leave a comment below! 

In the last segment of our 3 part series, the women of Wild Rose talk plants and passion!  

(Pssst… we also have a big announcement coming in September… we will be dropping hints soon. Stay tuned!)

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