Flower Essence Questionaire

This questionnaire is designed to help determine the right Flower Essence Remedy for you. Read every question under each Flower Essence. Then using a rating scale of 1-10, rate each question based on your emotional reaction to the question, using ‘10’ if you have a very strong reaction and ‘1’ if you have a very low reaction. If you have no reaction to a question, or if the question doesn’t apply to you in your present situation, you can ignore that question. If you later find an emotion that is stronger than one you already marked as 10, you can use a number higher than 10. It is important that you are honest with your answers so that your current symptoms are matched to the proper essence.

When you have finished, click the “Calculate Top Five” button. The computer will calculate the top five Flower Essences that would be helpful for you.

Note: Once you have submitted your form, please go to the bottom of the page to see your results along with a link to purchase your custom Flower Essence from Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary.

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Arnica, Heart Leaf

Do you feel a disconnection between your Higher Self and your physical body because of shock or trauma?
Do you have a feeling of disassociation or unconsciousness?
Do you feel dysfunctional or have a latent illness derived from past trauma?


Do you procrastinate?
Do you have a difficult time manifesting your ideas and goals?
Do you lack vitality in your limbs or digestive tract?

Black Currant

Do you have a deep fear related to identity shifts or crises?
Do you fear non-existence or loosing the ego?
Do you feel guilt or other emotions due do ancestrally inherited "debris"?

Bleeding Heart

Do you feel emotionally co-dependent?
Are any of your major relationships based on fear?
Are you emotionally suffering from a significant breakup, such as death, separation, or relocation (job, moving, etc.)?

Blue Early Viola

Are you shy, reserved, or aloof or fear being submerged in groups?
Do you have suppressed anger?
Do you have a difficult time resolving conflict?


Do you have a heavy-heart?
Do you have a lack of confidence when facing difficult circumstances?
Do you experience depressive behavior?


Do you have feelings of low self-worth?
Do you have an inability to acknowledge or experience your inner light and uniqueness?
Do you feel you need help making a life transition (energetically or physically)?


Do you easily get upset, moody and irritable?
Do you have an inability to release emotional tension, especially in the stomach or solar plexus?
Do you suffer from attention deficit disorder (ADD) or mood swings?


Do you use manipulation to get what you want?
Are you possessive or needy?
Do you feel unloved and unappreciated by your loved ones "after all you've done for them"?

Chickweed, Mouse-Eared

Do you have difficulty being in the moment?
Do you have a difficult time freely expressing yourself due to shyness or timidity?
Do you feel you are holding on to unresolved emotions?

Cinquefoil, Shrubby

Are you motivated by fear, especially fear of dying?
Do you fulfill your daily tasks without joy, inspiration, or pleasure?
Are you unable to express abstract concepts and ideas in clear and concise terms?


Are you overly tense, especially in the musculature of the body?
Are you over-striving and hard-driving?
Do you find yourself over planning things you do, maybe holding resentment and hatred because of it?


Do you feel overwhelm from over-stimulation?
Are you hypersensitive to your environment or to activity happening around you?
Do you feel you have sensory congestion (hearing, visual, scent, touch, taste)?


Do you feel weakened by severe trauma or abuse which has destroyed your sense of Self?
Do you feel threatened by physical or emotional disintegration which is reflected in immune issues?
Do you feel you are only partially present at times?

Evening Primrose

Do you feel that you are/were rejected or unwanted (even from in before birth)?
Do you avoid commitment in relationships, feeling sexually or emotionally repressed?
Do you have a fear of parenthood, or your parent(s)?


Do you carry negative feelings from previous relationships, making you fearful of committing to a new one?
Do you feel you need to let go of misused energy patterns, habits or addictions?
Do you feel separated from others?


Do you suffer from loneliness, isolation, a lost connection with others or a feeling that part of yourself is lost or forgotten?
Do you have unresolved feelings of guilt regarding past actions?
Are you suffering from a separation or the death of a loved one?


Do you feel emotionally weighed down after a crisis?
Do you feel you need a warm kind hand to help you move onto the next stage of life (new focus, path or relationship)?
Do you lack confidence to move on, feeling you are too focused on negative emotions or people?


Are you easily influenced by group or family loyalties?
Do you have an inability to be true to yourself?
Are you subject to peer pressure or social expectations?

Indian Paintbrush

Do you have low vitality or exhaustion?
Do you have difficulty rousing physical forces to sustain the intensity of creative work?
Do you feel you have an inability to bring creative forces into physical expression?


Are you lacking inspiration or creativity?
Do you have a feeling of being weighed down by the ordinariness of the world?
Do you feel your life has become mundane?

Labrador Tea

Are you struggling with addictions?
Do you balance one extreme with another, or experience extreme inbalance in any area of your life?
Are you having difficulty re-centering after a traumatic or unsettling experience?

Lady's Slipper

Do you feel estranged from your inner authority?
Are you unable to integrate your higher spiritual purpose with real life and work?
Are you suffering from nervous exhaustion or sexual depletion?


Do you feel you have an inability to hear your inner voice?
Do you experience confusion, or indecisiveness or suffer from moral weakness?
Do you feel you are lying or deceiving yourself or others?


Do you find that you over intellectualize everything into a ‘dry’ reality?
Are you worn out from too much studying or work; or from spending too much time in your head?
Do you tend to intellectualize everything; perhaps even making you a little narrow minded and short sighted?

Pussy-Toes Everlasting

Are you unable or unwilling to make a deep and lasting commitment in a relationship?
Do you need to bring your life into perspective?
Is it time to begin a transformation in your life?

Red CLover

Do you feel that you are susceptible to mass hysteria and anxiety?
Are you easily influenced by panic, economic crisis, political events, religious events, or other forms of “Group Thought” or the media?
Do you feel you lose your individuality when in a group, (your family or other group)?

Saint John's Wort

Do you feel you have an overly expanded emotional state, leading to psychic and physical vulnerability?
Do you become fearful or disturbed by dreams?
Are you depressed, physically or emotionally?


Do you need help to understand how to balance your own needs with the responsibility of service and care for others?
Do you feel burnt out?
Do you feel exhausted with relationships, needing to replenish self-love?

Self Heal

Are you unable to take responsibility for your own healing?
Are you lacking in spiritual motivation for wellness?
Are you overly dependent on external help?

Shasta Daisy

Do you over-intellectualize reality?
Do you see information as bits and pieces, rather than parts of a whole?
Do you feel confused and need better focus?

Shooting Star

Do you have a profound feeling of alienation?
Do you not feel at home on Earth, or sometime feel not human?
Do you feel ‘homesick’ for some unknown place?


Do you feel you are verbally aggressive and hostile?
Do you have repressed or misdirected libido?
Do you have mouth and jaw tension, or inappropriate snapping, biting or eating behaviors?


Do you feel you have patterns of imbalance, or a distorted sense of Self?
Do you have low self-esteem or arrogance?
Do you have a poor relationship with authority, your father or masculine aspect of Self?


Do you feel you have energy blockages, creating a lack of vitality?
Do you want to hold onto the beneficial energy achieved in a ‘healing session’ or a ceremony, bringing about more lasting result and completion?
Do you feel a need to clear up disharmony at home, work or other environments?

Sweet Pea

Do you have an inability to form bonds with social community or to find one's place on Earth?
Do you feel homeless or dislocated?
Do you travel frequently and/or move often?


Do you feel lethargic?
Do you procrastinate or are unable to take straightforward action?
Do you have habits which undermine or subvert real intentions of Self, abilities and talents?

Tiger Lily

Do you feel you are overly aggressive, or competitive?
Do you have a hostile attitude towards others?
Are you excessively yang, with male energies, creating separatist tendencies?

Trembling Poplar

Do you have feelings of apprehension, anticipation or uneasiness with no known cause, or do you startle or frighten easily?
Do you have anxiety that something “bad” may happen to you, but you are unclear of what that may be?
Do you dream of, or awaken with, a general sense of fear and anxiety or fear of what the day will bring?

Wild Rose, Alberta

Are you apathetic and resigned to whatever may happen in your life?
Do you have the attitude "I'll just have to learn to live with it"?
Do you lack the motivation to improve the quality of your life?


Are you having a hard time letting go of unresolved anger and resentment resulting from past actions of self or others?
Do you feel you need to let go of old energy patterns, breaking unconscious ties to bad habits or connections to others?
Would you like to bring the lessons and fulfillment of the dream world or spiritual practice into your daily life?

Yarrow, Pink

Do you feel unbalanced to sympathetic forces, or lacking in emotional clarity?
Do you have an overly absorbent emotional or ‘auric’ field, feeling you need protection in order to open your heart?
Are you dysfunctional when merging with others?

Yarrow, Yellow

Are you an outgoing person who is overly influenced by your environment or by other people?
Do you feel you need to protect yourself from feeling vulnerable to others by withdrawal and social isolation?
Do you have a dependence on drugs for protection or social masking?

Yarrow, White

Do you have a feeling of extreme vulnerability to others and to the environment?
Are you easily depleted or overly absorbent of negative influences and psychic toxicity, or do you feel you have a ‘leaky aura’?
Are you looking for protection from outside yourself, rather than from within yourself?


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