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Master Herbalist Diploma

From: $128.08 /month

Payment Plan $128.08 / month for 12 months
Pay in Full $1,397.00


Students entering the Master Herbalist Diploma Program will already have a strong foundation and understanding of Herbalism and alternative medicine from their required prerequisites (Practical and Traditional Herbalist programs).

Graduates of this program will attain extensive herbal knowledge, together with a comprehensive understanding of the functions of the human body and the effects of single and combined herbs and their modes of action. Students will also learn methods of assessing current health status and administering and monitoring the effectiveness of appropriate herbal remedies. The Master Herbalist program also provides students with knowledge in complementary healing modalities including Iridology. The enriching world of Phytotherapeutics is also presented in this program.

As a Master Herbalist, you will have the knowledge to begin forging a career in Herbal medicine. Whether your interest lies in building a practice or in creating your own medicine through wildcrafting, at this stage a professional aspect begins to emerge. As a herbalist in the industry, you will possess a touch of entrepreneurship and be ready to begin blossoming into your new profession!

Master Herbalists are recognized by the Canadian Herbal Association. Click here for more info


• Herb-Drug-Nutrient Interaction
• Essentials of Pathology
• Iridology
• Applied Phytotherapeutics I
• Applied Phytotherapeutics II
• Traditional Chinese Materia Medica
• Traditional Ayurvedic Materia Medica
• Master Herbalist Case Study